Australia and New Zealand Cooperation – the ICN

By John Nixon 11/08/2010

I met today with Dr David Anderson, National Sector Manager, National Broadband Network at ICN or the Industry Capability Network from Australia, and his Kiwi colleague, Robert Murdoch, Manager, Australian ICN Relationships. The meeting was hosted by NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), with my good friend John Houlker present.

ICN is a free service funded by the Australian Government and is truly trans-Tasman, open reciprocally and also freely to New Zealand people and companies.

ICN manages a huge database of some 40.000 companies and individuals based in either Australia or New Zealand with a description of their goods, services and skills. There is a “yellow pages” index and a search feature.

The Australian NBN Company (National Broadband Network) does not deal directly with retail suppliers of goods or services destined for this network. Instead David Anderson and his staff search and vet offers and tender bids. Other departments cover different vocational sectors.

Of course the NBN may disappear in a puff of smoke in 10 days time if the conservative coalition wins the elections. They are under huge criticism for promising to abandon this unique project if elected.

Paul Budde is a recognised Australian expert analyst in matters of telecoms, broadband etc.

I MUST recommend you read his report released tonight, it makes sensible but damning reading.

Liberal’s hammered by their businesses constituency over broadband.

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