Meeting Paul Budde

By John Nixon 09/12/2010

Anybody who is intensively involved with Fibre to the Home would have either met, heard or heard of Paul Budde.

Paul is a Dutch-born Australian who has contributed  for many years to the analysis of the Telecoms industry and now Next Generation and FTTH networks.

He is consulted by industry and governments, runs frequent seminars and publishes in-depth reports on trends around the world. He maintains a very complete and interesting website.

Paul also cops his share of criticism because of his “no nonsense” pointed and precise opinions.

I’d had email exchanges with Paul, and we share a network of friends around the world who are involved in the same pursuits. But we had never met.

Paul’s visit to Auckland this week gave an opportunity to redress that situation. We arranged to dine at my favourite little French restaurant Pastis in Victoria Street (thanks Alex, an after-dinner Calvados will suffice for the plug…). No, as usual, no graft, just a really great place downtown to eat, drink and be merry.

Paul & John sm

What did we eat? Paul chose the escargots and venison, I took the salmon entr̩e and the confit de canard. Drink? Their basic C̫tes du Rh̫ne Рdelicious!

And what did we talk about? Well… the Aussie NBN of course, the Kiwi UFB, both countries’ responsible Ministers and their respective plans, advantages and shortcomings. The Asia-Pacific FTTH Council and my rôle there.

We were the last clients to leave the restaurant, apart from a couple of bar flies engrossed in their gallic conversation. A thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and hopefully renewable occasion!

Thanks for the opportunity Paul!