More from Katsu in Japan

By John Nixon 15/03/2011

Dear John,

By all means. Please copy edit them into better English if you like to quote from my e-mail.

For your reference here’s the recent records of the earthquakes near Sendai area;
– 1793.02.17 (8.2 in Richter scale estimated … I don’t know how the experts estimate it)
– 1835.07.20 (7.3 estimated)
– 1861.10.21 (7.4 estimated)
– 1897.02.20 (7.4 estimated)
– 1936.11.03 (7.4)
– 1978.06.12 (7.4)
The big earthquake comes every 37.1 years in average to the area. The earthquake with less than 7 in Richter scale is peanuts for them. However the tunami they had this time was exceptional. Some place had a breakwater with 10m hight, but was useless. In some places the water reached 20m above sea level. It was really exceptional. Also the big shake in Fukushima where Tokyo Electric Power Company has their nuclear power plant was also exceptional.

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