FTTH News Update

By John Nixon 11/07/2011

I sincerely regret missing the FTTH Asia-Pacific Council conference in Delhi and CommunicAsia in Singapore recently due to medical treatment. I’m now looking forward to being able to travel again and meeting our many readers and contacts at these events. The OSP Conference (Outside Plant) in Cincinatti 12-14 September and the FTTH Council USA Conference in Orlando 27-30 September 2011 beckon. Let me know if you plan to attend either.

OECD Meeting – The Internet Economy

This document contains a wealth of interesting and useful information. The site is full of links to the various subjects.

USA – FTTH Council

I have re-joined the U.S. FTTH Council. As a consultant I can enjoy pretty much full benefits for the princely sum of US$250 a year. The cheapest “commercial” membership with the Asia-Pacific Council is still US$3000 a year. I have been very critical of the Asia-Pacific board not opening membership to SMEs, consultants and interested individuals at an affordable price. They have promised action on this.

Australia – NBN progress

Those of you who follow Australian politics and affairs know that the present Labour Government is holding on to power thanks to a few independent parliamentarians who have (for the moment) sided with Labour policy.

The NBN (National Broadband Network) was for a long time the major target for attack from the right-wing coalition. The Liberals announced that they would simply kill the project if they got back into power. Lately however the NBN criticism has been largely overshadowed by the Labour-sponsored Carbon Tax project. Yesterday we had a very officious and serious “compulsory viewing” (ie on all TV channels) presentation by both the Prime Minister, then by the opposition shadow Prime Minister as to the good sense (or the wasteful inutility) of the proposed Carbon Tax.

While this is going on, NBN quietly forges ahead and will probably have reached critical mass well before the Government changes.

Australia – NBN seeks to train 18.000 workers.

Installing a country-wide fibre-based network certainly will require lots of human skill and effort. This will apply even more so in New Zealand where so many skilled workers are fleeing to work in Australia where wages are higher.

New Zealand – Fibre installation costs

Here is an interesting short article on the projected costs of bringing fibre to homes. Of course each country has its particularities and these costs could vary in other markets. Still, it’s good to have the cross-section.

New Zealand – A terabyte of data with UFB network

As the Kiwi fibre network gets underway, the ISPs are starting to come out with new plans at retail level. Data caps are of course a pain, made perhaps necessary by the lack of competition on overseas data transfer costs: the country only has one marine cable to the outside world. However, for the moment at least, a Terabyte a month should satisfy most data appetites!