New Caledonia

By John Nixon 02/12/2011

corothumbNew Caledonia is an interesting, in fact fascinating place. I had the opportunity to live and work there for many years.

Following the recent construction of two new processing plants, New Caledonia is now the second biggest producer of Nickel metal in the world, after Russia.

The main island lies just two hours flying time North-East of Brisbane, and is approximately the same size and shape as Taiwan. Population is only some 200.000, and in spite of the open-cut nickel mines here and there, the scenery, coral reefs, flora and fauna are unique and attractive. It is a French overseas territory, and French is the main language spoken there.

Telecommunications are handled by the “Office des Postes et Télécommunications”, a wholly-owned local government entity. Internet access is provided by a combination of satellite links and now a submarine cable linking into Australia’s East coast.

Cell phones are extremely popular in the country and a new G3 network has just been enabled. A couple of Apple stores in the capital city, Nouméa are doing brisk trade.

A national FTTH network is planned for New Caledonia and tenders are being prepared.

During my last visit there I was invited to address a group of OPT engineers on progress in Australia and New Zealand with their respective NBN and UFB FTTH projects.

presnousmThe group was interested in learning how the two projects had been conceived, funded and will be ultimately managed.

The two hour session included a long Q&A.

The meeting was hosted by my old I.T. company “Pacifique Technologie”, now renamed Office Plus. Obviously they hope to bid for the appropriate part of the FTTH tenders once released.

How much data can the world create?

As you send an email, or update your website, do you ever wonder what volume of binary data is actually being created on earth?

This year, the world will generate 1.7 Zettabytes of data.

What the heck is a zettabyte?

Well 1000 Gigabytes of data equals a Terabyte, 1000 Tb = 1 Petabyte, 1000 Pb = 1 Exabyte and 1000 Eb = 1 Zettabyte. The mind boggles!

Australian NBN Equipment Tenders

Just a short word of congratulations to Madison Technologies in Australia for winning a sizeable equipment contract recently from NBN Co.

Madison are also Australian distributors for BKtel GmbH a leading developer and manufacturer of specialised FTTH equipment in Germany. For some years now I have had the pleasure of working with BKtel as their factory representative in Australia and New Zealand.