Stable Swine

By Jim McVeagh 03/10/2009

Centre for Disease Control in the US has announced that the H1N1 virus’ genetic makeup now “appears to be stable”. The cynical side of the MacDoctor finds the juxtaposition of this pronouncement on the back of the FDA announcing their approval of the first Swine flu vaccine just a little too convenient. Especially when the virologists of the CDC and the WHO have been rabbiting on about possible mutations for months prior to this. Suddenly, “The latest data suggest that the virus is not likely to become deadlier, according to the CDC officials”.

It simply amazing how the virus has decided to co-operate so nicely with the vaccine manufacturers…

Evil question of the day: “What exactly has changed in the H1N1 virus’ environment in the past two months that now prevents it from mutating?

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  • Is it that the virus now appears stable or is it “The genetic makeup of the H1N1 flu has remained stable….” as stated in the linked article? Those are two very different statements and detracts from the point of the article that because of this stability, the vaccine (which I understand isn’t made any differently from other flu vaccines) will be a good match and be effective in preventing cases of the flu.