If Doctors Used Climate Science…

By Jim McVeagh 05/12/2009

If you have ever wondered what it would be like if professionals from other disciplines started using the peculiar logic used by climate scientists in their research, wonder no more. Tom Naughton on his eponymous blog gives us

If Climate ’Researchers’ Became Doctors

’Step up on the scale, Mr. Naughton.’

’Sure, Doctor. I’m looking forward to seeing this myself.’

’Let’s see … slide this over a bit … hmm, pretty bad. Your weight is up again.’

’Uh … Doctor, you mind getting your foot off the scale?’

’Oh, okay.’

’So … you want to weigh me again now?’

’Sorry, I’ve already recorded the results. You can step down now.’


’Just as I predicted. Man-made body enlarging. I told you to stop consuming so much animal fat.’

’There’s nothing wrong with eating—’

’If this keeps up, you’ll weigh 650 pounds by the year 2030. It’s a looming disaster.’

’Doctor, excuse me, but there’s no way I’m gaining weight. Look at me. I had to buy a smaller belt last month.’

’That’s a temporary anomaly. I’m more interested in the long-term trend.’

’I’ve been shrinking for two years now. I’ve also been eating more animal fat. So it can’t be making me fatter. Your theory doesn’t hold up.’

Click on the coloured title to read it all. It’s priceless.

Hat Tip: Doug Hudson


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0 Responses to “If Doctors Used Climate Science…”

  • I think this is childish – especially considering the current attacks being made on our own climate scientists.

    If you have any real issue with the science – you should discuss that. Not indulge in cheap, and unwarranted, ridicule. This is, after all, how we make progress. These sort of comments only play in to the ideological opponents of science.