By Jim McVeagh 16/03/2010

It looks like the Democrats are going to attempt to shoehorn the Obamacare bill through on the thinnest of margins. Considering the controversial nature of some parts of the bill and the partisan sentiment it has generated, one can only say that this is a foolish and dangerous thing to try and do. Time has run out for Pelosi and Obama and they are now going to try and bully Democrats into voting for a bill that contains segments on abortion that are abhorrent to them.

Obama clearly understands the last-minute nature of the bill as he attempts to place a human face of suffering onto the healthcare scene in the form of cancer sufferer, Natoma Canfield. Canfield wrote to the President worried that her lack of health insurance (which she cancelled due to excessive premiums) would mean that she would lose her house. Fox News has been quick to point out that there is little danger of that happening as Canfield is likely to be entitled to state aid and is eligible for charitable aid from the cancer hospital she attends. Such is the danger of using specific people (as Phil Goff can confirm)

Unfortunately, the underlying problem with Obama’s health care bill is that it will almost certainly drive most doctors to refuse medicaid patients. Already the large drop in medicaid rates has forced many doctors to refuse medicaid. This will only get worse as large numbers of patients eligible for Obama’s plan are patients who would be likely to access more than the average amount of services (people like Natoma Canfield, for instance). This will force medicaid to steadily revise its payments downwards, rather than upwards, leading to a tsunami of doctors refusing these patients. Particularly as these are the sort of patients most likely to sue you.

Picture it. More and more taxpayers dollars being siphoned down the giant healthcare black hole that Obama is creating. Fewer and fewer people actually able to use medicaid to obtain healthcare. Larger and larger co-payments. Fewer and fewer people remaining on private insurances as Obamacare forces up premiums. And Obama will be saving the best for last…

Waiting lists.



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