Check Your Target

By Jim McVeagh 04/01/2012

A survivor of a hunting “accident” asks the question “Why are people still being shot?“. The MacDoctor can help with this one. He was an ED doctor for 9 years in Southland, literally the “Happy Hunting Ground” of New Zealand. Of the dozens of shooting incidents he has seen, he has yet to see one where the perpetrator was sober at the time of the shooting. Not one. Zero. Nada. Several of the shooters could hardly stand, let alone aim and shoot a gun.

Telling these people to “check their targets” before shooting is fairly pointless. They are quite likely to reply “which one?”

The MacDoctor would like to suggest that drinking and firing is just as dangerous as drinking and driving and should be policed in a similar manner. At the risk of being accused of authoritarianism, the MacDoctor would like to suggest mandatory jail-time for those found discharging firearms while having alcohol in their blood streams. By all means go duck shooting and get hammered – just don’t load your gun until you can blow in your personal breath alcohol meter and get 0.00. That should be the first target you check.