Mere Conjecture

50% of people who lived in 1917 were intellectually disabled

Jack Auty Jan 07, 2017

More than half the world was intellectually disabled prior to 1917CE….. if you extrapolate the Flynn effect. This blog will be an interesting dive into IQ, intellectual disability, crime, time travel and the Flynn effect. Let’s start by saying that you are probably “smarter” (whatever that means) than your parents. That’s right, when you were a pimply, hormone filled, teenager … Read More

Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?

Jack Auty Dec 20, 2016

New year’s resolutions- the Babylonians did it, the Romans did it and now we do it; with one survey suggesting that this ancient tradition is still popular reporting that over 40% americans taking part. Evidence can also be found in trends of google searches, you’ll see an annual cycle of google searchers for the word “diet” nearly doubling … Read More

Is science censored?

Jack Auty Aug 03, 2016

There was a recent piece in New Zealand news about mass governmental censorship of scientists. Starting with apocalyptic images of the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident to instill fear, they painted a picture of mass governmental meddling with scientists reporting their results, with the clear insinuation that our lives could be at risk because of this censorship. To give … Read More