Micro to Macro

Colours of the Quantum World

Ryan Ridden Jan 16, 2017

Colours are everywhere. The colours we see come from light with different wavelengths, but light isn’t the only thing physicists say have colour. In the quantum world the subatomic particles known as quarks have colour. As with everything quantum mechanical the colour of quarks isn’t what it may seem. Quarks can come in a variety of six colours, from red, … Read More

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Ryan Ridden Jan 16, 2017

Andrew and I in front of the incredible Colosseum. It’s been a while since my last blog post, but in my absence I haven’t been wasting time. Last year after completing a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematical Physics at the University of Canterbury, I took some time off to travel, before starting my next academic adventure. For a … Read More

Astronomy: A Voyage of Discovery

Ryan Ridden Feb 09, 2016

Astronomy is a subject of exploration. In an age where the Earth has been charted from the Old World to the New, it almost seems like the age of great voyages of exploration and discovery have long passed. That stands true as long as you don’t look up at night. On a clear night it becomes painfully clear there is much … Read More

The Immense Universe: Thoughts for a sunset

Ryan Ridden Feb 05, 2016

The universe is immense. All too often we are reminded of how large the Universe is; it is 150 million km or 8 light minutes to the Sun, 30,000 light years to the galactic centre, 2.5 million light years to the Andromeda Galaxy (the closest galaxy to the Milky Way) and 46 billion light years or 4.2×10²³ km (42 followed by … Read More

Micro to Macro

Ryan Ridden Jan 13, 2016

In our universe the incredibly tiny and the absolutely enormous are intertwined. In our everyday life there appears to be a clear distinction between the microscopic and macroscopic worlds, however, in many ways this is an illusion. We can begin to see how the two worlds connect by looking at the fundamental rules of the universe, as uncovered by physics … Read More