Mind Matters

Stuck in Traffic

Michael Corballis Jul 25, 2017

I am stuck in traffic somewhere in the grey western suburbs of Auckland, listening on radio to a discussion of being stuck in traffic in Auckland. It’s much better in Dunedin, they say. There you can get to any destination within minutes. The radio chatters on. I learn a bit about disposable shopping bags, and the problem of … Read More

Me first

Michael Corballis Jan 09, 2017

“Me and my husband,” began the Queen in her Christmas message. Well of course she didn’t. For a start, she always modestly places herself second: “My husband and I …” But had she relegated Philip to his proper station, she would surely have said “I and my husband …” Or if she had insisted on the royal “we,” it would … Read More

There are several myths about twins, but mostly they’re just like the rest of us

Michael Corballis Aug 18, 2016

What’s special about twins? I was recently asked to comment on a video clip of identical twin girls, who seemed to be thinking in parallel. They finished each other’s sentence, and sometimes seemed to gives the same simultaneous answers to questions, as though they communicated through telepathy. The clip was widely shown on television. Actually, it is not so unusual; … Read More


Michael Corballis Nov 03, 2015

Neurobollocks may be the new psychobabble The prefix “neuro” refers to the nerves, especially in relation to the most complex bundle of nerves of all—no, not a rugby coach, but the brain. So we have such disciplines as neurology, neurosurgery, neurobiology, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, neurophysics, along with countless specialty terms such as neuroblast, neuroendocrine, neuroglia, neurofibril, neuroma, neuron, neuropeptide … (check … Read More

On being wrong

Michael Corballis Oct 19, 2015

A few weeks ago I gave a talk in Rome, as you do. I happened to mention that I had been wrong about a few things. I was surprised to discover that this brought me more compliments than what I was actually trying to say. Most of us in academic life have at some stage lived in fear of being … Read More

I am not a psychologist

Michael Corballis Oct 09, 2015

I have taught psychology since 1961, carried out research on it, written about it. I have postgraduate degrees in it. But I am not allowed to call myself a psychologist. The reason is that I am not registered under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act 2003, which for psychologists is administered by the New Zealand Psychologists Board. I suppose … Read More