Prove your wordpower

By Aimee Whitcroft 02/02/2010

Ah, brevity.  [Insert tedious piece of waffling prose extolling its virtues]


But seriously, I came across a fantastic little site today.  Called the Ten Word Wiki, it is precisely that.  No more than ten words to describe any given topic.

I did some typing, and have given a couple of the topical words for which there were entries…


Simple explanation of universe for stupid people who failed science.


Water with a ‘memory’ that knows what’s best for you.

(the above linked to) Placebo effect

How homeopathy works. You think the pill made you better.


Rain, rain, wind, snow, sleet, rain but never the sun


The use of mathematics and experiments to understand the universe.


Doing fancy clever things with numbers (and also sometimes letters)

(also, for the Brits: England – A place to drink tea and complain about the weather.

And for the Scots: Scotland –  “Weather‘s shit. So inhabitants drink whisky, fight and invent everything.”)

Most of the words I typed in weren’t there, as it were, so the site is desperately in need of more stuff, particularly in the sciencey areas.  For example, an explanation for ‘science’ is missing – anyone got any ideas?

So…do you want to submit explanations?  Or submit better ones than are already there?  Go for it!

And finally: if you do submit a work/explanation, please leave a comment here saying what it was 🙂

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