So you think science is hogwash?

By Aimee Whitcroft 05/04/2012

I think this piece almost perfectly sums up why I struggle not to become Quiet and Sarcastic* with anti-science people.

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You stare into your high definition plasma screen monitor, type into your cordless keyboard then hit enter which causes your computer to convert all that visual data into a binary signal that’s processed by millions of precise circuits, which is then converted to a frequency modulated singal to reach you wireless router where it is then converted to light waves and sent along a large fibre optics cable to be processed by a super computer on a mass server which then sends that bit you typed to a satellite orbiting the earth that was put there through the greatest feats of engineering and science, all so it could go back through a similiar pathway to make it all the way here to my computer monitor 15,000 miles away from you just so you could say

“Science is all a bunch of man made hogwash.”



Although I must admit, I thought that was going to end with ‘so you could post amusingly-titled photos of your cats.’**


* Or, depending on levels of contact with humanity, beer, caffeine, blood sugar and so on, Table thumping and Sweary.

** Not that I think that’s a bad thing in any way 🙂  After all, lolcats have given us so much, including the lolcat bible.



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  • ‘n’ may da blessinz of teh Ceiling Cat be apwn yu, srsly, 4 postin dis vally valloo useful stuf 🙂

  • Satellites? bah humbug. Computers work by quantum oscillations resonating through the eather. I know that is correct cause I saw it on Oprah.

  • Earth’s circumference is ~24,000 miles, how did you get 15,000 miles away?

  • No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, it’s all done by the Hand of God. All that “science” talk is just Satanic propaganda – electrons are the Devil’s sperm.

  • We have a “scientific dogma” crisis, not a physical energy crisis.

  • No the mainstream is just so far behind the alternative science, the solutions are found by alternative science whilst mainstream still says not possible.

  • Meh – if you were really alternative, you’d go off-line like that guy on youtube…

  • seriously I think you guys have your heads in the sand

    When is the mainstream going to be able to explain this ?
    When will they change the text books to incorporate this stuff ?
    Thats the day I go back to school.
    Why is it I can find this stuff and you can’t explain it or even refuse to believe it is real ?
    I believe science should be about questioning and experimenting ?
    why aren’t we turning the kids on to this when we have an energy crisis ?
    I can find more if you are still skeptical
    Can anyone answer my questions ?
    I know the answer so don’t worry about it (there will be no answer just more silence)

  • Well, to take one of your examples: BLP was founded in 1991 but does not appear to be in the business of actually producing useable quantities of ‘free’ energy. After 20 years you’d expect there’d be some evidence of independently-verifiable results, not to mention significant publications in high-impact journals. After all, overturning an existing paradigm would be Nobel Prize material, so if the results are there they should be being published. In fact, it appears that independent scientists haven’t been able to verify the claims made by BLP’s founder.
    Which is why it’s not being taught in schools.

  • It is all pretty new anyway I expect once this technology becomes verified we will change the books. I am a fan of R Charge and have a couple of machines I brought of them, which charges batteries with negative electricity it is fascinating, the coils run cold and it restores sulfated batteries. This is also called radiant electricity and was discovered by the inventor of the 3 phase AC induction motor. It is very real.

  • ah, Derek,
    the R Charge devices claim to charge using radiant energy but every single one of the user manuals on the site say to plug them into an AC outlet power source. How do you know they are using gradient energy rather than the readily available electrical energy from the outlet?
    Or are your devices different from those whose manuals are available on the site?

  • They are the battery chargers, the motor generator kits use a DC (12 volt battery) source which is then pulsed by means of a bifilar coil, through transistor and diodes. To cut a long story short it captures the collapse of the magnetic field and sends this high voltage radiant spike (of minimal current) to the battery being charged. This radiant energy spike restores the life of the lead acid battery’s. The coils run cold and there is a low amperage draw to run the motor. The circuitry (which must be assembled by the user) is of an open design and not the traditional closed circuit. The high voltage radiant spikes have something to do with Duriac sea holes, whereby electrons are popped from their places leaving little black holes full of energy (or something like that). The R-Charge site has Energy from the Vacuum series DVDs which explain the physics behind the capture of radiant energy.

  • The energy comes from the collapse of the electromagnetic field. True DC is pulsed to create the magnetic field but the radiant energy spike is of high voltage when compared to the pulsed DC (12v). In terms of radiant energy being a viable energy source I believe it can be, John Bedini invented this radiant capture system, but was inspired by the master. Who has various patents for the capture of radiant energy, more here from the great Master
    This is the same energy Henry Moray captured with his 50kv system. Later having his lab destroyed by unknown’s. Some info on T.Henry Moray
    You can find this energy by putting a steel rod into the ground and an antenna in the air, and yes it does come in waves.
    It also reveals itself in the form of the output of ballast coil for a fluorescent light.

  • the “message” in the black box is just missing one thing, “… and when the text appears on other people’s plasma screen monitor, its reads: scientists have just found out the True belief system of ancient peoples by translating even more hogwash INTO made-error free hieroglyphic.”

    ‘science’ always was and always is hogwash. though I’m tempted to add the condition ‘as long as scientific telepathy is the method used’, I don’t do that for understandable reasons.

  • Yeah, I thought the same, but I don’t think it’s spam, which is why I approved it…

  • Thanks for the approval and your interest.

    B.t.w. since I don’t see a question, it’s impossible for me to give answers. But assuming that the approval process revealed my email address, you + darcy and me can perhaps discuss an example which brings some light to my argument.

  • The question is “What are you talking about?”

    If it’s ok with Aimee I think discussion here is my preferred option. Having said that I feel a sense of foreboding.

  • I’d prefer to keep a conversation open, and here in the comments 🙂

  • The economy is not science, relying on oil is not science, ignoring all alternatives and name calling solutions one might be ignorant about is not science. Being afraid to go on a limb because you believe there is an alternative but wont leave the accepted norm, is not science(herd mentality).
    Science is pushing boundaries of what is know and accepted through experimentation and rational thought and coming up with solutions. !!!

  • My latest research into the energy question has lead me to this.
    From wikipedia
    “Magnetic reconnection is a physical process in highly conducting plasmas in which the magnetic topology is rearranged and magnetic energy is converted to kinetic energy, thermal energy, and particle acceleration.”
    which leads on to say
    “The qualitative description of the reconnection process is such that magnetic field lines from different magnetic domains (defined by the field line connectivity) are spliced to one another, changing their patterns of connectivity with respect to the sources. It is a violation of an approximate conservation law in plasma physics, and can concentrate mechanical or magnetic energy in both space and time.”
    How is it that nature can break the laws of physics ?
    Well my understanding is that maybe this field of plasma and magnetic fields haven’t yet been written into the current laws. The conservation of energy laws do not apply in these situations why ? From what my research tells me is this plasma and magnetic fields are an open system and not a closed loop. Where does the energy come from ? Well from my understanding it is the zero point field (some might call it the Aether).
    Tesla had an understanding of this with his research into high frequency (we are talking Mhz here) and high potential currents and his patents and ideas reflect this.