Introducing a new blog: kidney punch

By Aimee Whitcroft 04/05/2012

Sciblogs has a new blog, huzzah!

We’re very luck indeed to be syndicating the blog ($100 Dialysis) of University of Otago’s Dr John Pickering (aka kiwiski, for those of you who know him as that), under the blog title kidney punch.

kidney punch

As John says in his ‘About’ section:

Of the writing of blogs there is no end.  So why another? Because I can and because the world needs $100 Dialysis.  $100 Dialysis is a vision.  I try and articulate this in the first blog post.  Expect other blogs on the topic.

I also write because as a publicly funded scientist I believe I have a responsibility to be public about what I do.  At some stage I shall try and share (in lay language) just what I do to justify my existence — my bit of the exploration project called science.  For those who want a sneak preview you can find links to most of my papers on google citations.

Welcome, John!