Graphic: Magnitude 5+ earthquakes this year (in NZ)

By Aimee Whitcroft 19/07/2013

UPDATE: See bottom of post for updated graphic, as of 26 July 2013

I’ve just made my first ever data visualisation 🙂

Spurred by this morning’s nasty bump near Wellington, and because I love me the learning of the new skills, I’ve made the graphic below. Using data I sucked down from geonet, it shows quakes of magnitude 5 or over which have happened in NZ this year. As you can see, it shows when (UTC, sorry), where, and the magnitude. You’ll notice this morning’s bump is featured!

I’m of course still tooling around in the background*, but I figured I should get this out in the meantime.


Click to enlarge :)
Click to enlarge 🙂


* Trying to make a circular, animated sine wave with varying amplitudes is difficult, as it turns out (well, mostly because I’ve only just started learning, but yeah). Heh.



Well, everyone in NZ, certainly, knows about the bump on Sunday 21st. And, having given it a decent bit of time to see what happens next, I figured I’d update my visualisation.  Can you spot the new quakes?

Clue – there are three new ones. Look for the biggest red dot 🙂

quakes over magnitude 5 this year v2
Click to enlarge…

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  • Nice pic, but it would be far more effective as an actual map, showing the positions of the shocks. They’re earthquakes; epicentre is probably the most important data set. Well, epicentre+date/time+magnitude+depth… Geonet had (has?) a brilliant adaptable timeline during the Chch quakes.

    Also, y = (√(1-x²))*(sin(n*π*x-p)), n is the number of waves in the circle (between -1 and 1), p is a phase variable for animation.

  • yeah, and reading text upside down tends to make me nauseous!