Happy World Octopus Day!

By Aimee Whitcroft 09/10/2013

Today is, apparently, the tenth annual World Octopus Day.

So, I figured you’d all enjoy this fun infographic, courtesy of the National Aquarium. And what better time to go and read this stunning article about these stunning creatures (my favourite form of the plural), and, if you live in Wellington, make a date to go meet the octopodes at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre!


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0 Responses to “Happy World Octopus Day!”

  • Fascinating article! I had no idea of the short solitary lives octopuses lead, but they are remarkable creatures – though I’ve always found them a little scary..

    • Really? Interesting! I think they’re amazing, and occasionally think it would be fun to be one (or at least have one as a pet). What do you find unnerving/scary about them?