Reprise #2: Sixty Symbols

Aimee Whitcroft Aug 13, 2010

Something fun to explore over the weekend! (And my first ever post) The link is to Sixty Symbols (click on the logo above), kindly brought to us by the University of Nottingham (nice one, chaps). Sixty Symbols is brilliant: it’s perfect for those of us with an interest in physics, … Read More

In which I make an excuse, but put out a suggestion

Aimee Whitcroft Jul 12, 2010

Greetings, readers all I have become too busy, and my blogging's fallen over (but very temporarily) Yes, I am alive.  No, I have not forgotten my duty to you all to produce entertaining and informative content.  However, I am at this point stupidly busy, and thus have fallen a little behind. Amusingly, the … Read More