Science Communicators Conference – February

By Michael Edmonds 08/01/2011

I’ve just been made aware that the next SCANZ (Science Communicators Association of New Zealand) conference of New Zealand is coming up next month. The programme looks very interesting, with the theme being “Listening to the other side: Non-scientists’ experiences of science.” Sciblogs own Peter Griffin will be moderating a session on “What works for us: Media decision makers discuss what they need from you to make science work for their audiences.” Given how often the topic of the media’s portrayal of science comes up here, this will be an interesting (lively?) session.

Chris McDowell, of seeing (data) on sciblogs will also be presenting a workshop on visualising science data. This should be fascinating, as I’ve always found Chris’s postings on sciblogs in this area, to be very innovative.

For those of you who can make it, I hope to see you there, as I think I’ve managed to talk my boss into letting me attend.

Also, as a complete aside, sciblogs is mentioned in the current Escape magazine, the in flight magazine for Air New Zealand

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  • Grant made a comment asking for more details about what was said about sciblogs in the Air New Zealand in flight magazine (which is actually called Kia Ora and not Escape).
    Unfortunately, I deleted Grants posting and my reply to it, in a tidy up of spam (over 200 spam messages) – so my apologies Grant.

    From memory the article briefly mentioned Peter’s infographic on methane and coal mining and also I think a mention of science and Christchurch earthquakes.

    Perhaps someone else might have an opportunity to grab a magazine ans report back? (I slept most of the way on my flight).

  • Might see .you the as I’d love to go. Unfortunately the dates are bad for me; we’ll be finalizing enrollments in the lead-up to th

  • You can still pull comments back from spam. Enter spam, search for the commenter’s or anything else relevant, then “approve”. Don’t bother in this case – I don’t mind & it’s not worth the effort!

    (Once in a while I do this myself – for whatever reason I more readily seen commenter’s comments amongst the spam in my email account and them correct my spam clean-ups…!)

    From memory the magazine is free for anyone to take away with them.

    Alison: itchy trigger finger? 😉

    • Thanks Grant, I’ve just had a look through my spam folder but can’t find it. I think in my frustration, I actually deleted a whole lot of spam instead of putting it in the spam folder.
      Looking through the spam folder, is like the mental equivalent of going through a rubbish bin. I feel like I should wash my hands or something. Between the pandering compliments, the occasional insult and the offers for help with web design, anatomy enlargements etc, I find spam very irritating.