My Prediction for the Coming Week

By Michael Edmonds 11/03/2011

Given the terrible earthquake that has just occurred in Japan and the recent quakes in Christchurch, Wellington, China and elsewhere, I predict that in the next week we will have fringe groups making “End of the World” predictions and making unwarranted connections between the different quakes around the world.

I wonder how many of these events the psychics and other woo peddlers predicted (or will claim they predicted).

And it isn’t even a full moon yet.

On a more serious note:

My deepest sympathies for all those people in Japan. Although the earthquake was off the coast, the 8.8 magnitude has been enough to severely shake several cities and produce devastating tsunamis. They were kind enough to send rescue teams to our aid, I’m sure this will be reciprocated as required.

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  • Eh, I just talked to one of my friends and he had just gotten off the phone with his parents, who are very Catholic, who said that all these natural disasters are because the world has turned away from Jesus. So, that kind of stuff has already come from “closer to home”. And, I do expect we’ll here more from the woo peddlers. Can’t wait. *sigh*

    My heard goes out to the people of Japan. We were just in Tokyo last month and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

  • Well, I’ve had a bit of a surge of visitors to my ‘Ken Ring’s predictions – what happens on March 20th doesn’t matter’ article, but that’ll no doubt simply be people googling for information on the earthquake and landing on my blog because of keyword matches. (And then wondering why google thought it relevant, probably.)

    The tsunami footage shown “live” on television look very destructive. I hope those cars and buildings didn’t have (too many) people in them.