Psychic Exploitainment

By Michael Edmonds 15/04/2011

The recent arrest of Scott Guy’s brother-in-law, Ewan MacDonald for his murder has shocked most New Zealanders. It is hard to comprehend the trauma the families of these two men must be going through.

This arrest comes less than two months after American “psychic” Lisa Williams is purported to have “channelled” Scott Guy in a performance in Palmerston North, claiming that the killer’s names were Mark and Joey, and that they “came from over the sea and had since left the area.”

It is interesting and disturbing to read the newspaper report of Ms William’s performance .

 According to the report a cousin of Mr Guy’s was in the audience and understandable became quite upset by the performance. Historically, some of the more unscrupulous psychics have been known to invite such people to their performances and surreptitiously quiz them for details before the show. It does make me wonder.

Although the Scott Guy case is only in it’s early stages and it would be unwise to speculate of Mr MacDonald’s guilt or innocence this early on, it does look like this case could be a test of a Ms William’s abilities.

Indeed, the cynic in me can’t help but wonder if this prediction is a miscalculation on Ms William’s part. Psychic investigation programmes such as Sensing Murder seem to typically focus on cases that are unlikely to ever be solved, allowing the psychic some leeway in what they can say. This may not be the case in the Scott Guy murder trial.

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  • If a psychic were accurate on information about a murder that the public or police did not have, I would immediately arrest the psychic for the murder.

  • John,

    If it was quite precise and accurate information, instead of the vague predictions one often hears, I would do the same.