John Key & Science

By Michael Edmonds 15/05/2011

It appears John Key has a rather confused understanding of what science is, comparing scientists to lawyers.

I think he needs to have a little chat with Sir Peter Gluckman.

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  • That was just depressing. And besides, even when you get two lawyers bashing heads, I suspect that one of them is usually more right than the other one.

  • Oh that is sooooo dissapointing to hear… you said it Alison and Ben!!!

  • “Dear Mr Key

    It appears you seem a bit confused between what a lawyer does and what a scientist does.

    A typical lawyer establishes a position (usually dependent on his client) and then presents evidence that only supports his position. Furthermore, he will is likely to use emotive and potentially manipulative arguments to make his position look beter than those opposing him.

    A typical scientist starts by assessing all available evidence and then develops her position. This position may change if additional evidence comes to light. While scientists may choose to express their views passionately, this should not be confused with using emotive or manipulative arguments.

    While it may be possible that you have encountered some scientists who seem to have a more lawyerlike approach, you will find the majority of as act as I have described above.”

  • If he hasn’t had a chat to Sir Peter then there has to be some serious questions asked about Sir Peter’s title:

    “Chief Science Advisor” and we presume since he is in the Prime Minister Science Advisory Committee, that he is/has/was/will offer(ing) advice to the Prime Minister.

    A wee chat is certainly advised please Sir Peter.

  • Thanks Ross, have you stopped to think?.. Just actually think for yourself. The title may be “Science Advisor”, it’s more likely he is a mouthpiece, to provide the views that he is told to, and to advise the public on what they’re supposed to think. To believe that Gluckman does anything other than follow his guidelines (ie, instructions) is incredibly naive. Mr Key isn’t confused at all, he just let it slip out.