The Triumph of New Age Medicine?

By Michael Edmonds 29/06/2011

Over at the Atlantic, David H Freedman has written an article entitled The Triumph of New-Age Medicine. This article attempts to justify that New Age treatments are a viable alternative to conventional medicine, yet strangely begins with “Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo. But now many doctors admit that alternative medicine often seems to do a better job of making patients well” – Say what? They don’t work, but they do a better job?

I found the reasoning in this article to be lacking, and I’m not the only one. Professor Steven Salzberg, Director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Maryland has written a detailed rebuff of the points made by Mr Freedman.

These two articles make interesting reading. The contrast between their positions and the style of their arguments is marked. Certainly worth reading.