A Science Vision for Christchurch

By Michael Edmonds 16/09/2011

I’ve just made my submission regarding the Christchurch City Plan (deadline today 5 pm). The plan itself is fascinating and has a lot of innovative features. One of the issues I have talked about in my submission is the development of a Science Education Centre – replacing our current Science Alive! Centre which was red stickered after the earthquakes. With three local tertiary institutions all teaching science (Lincoln University, University of Canterbury and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology) plus Otago Medical School at Christchurch Hospital who could be involved with the new centre, a purpose build reincarnation of Science Alive seems like a great idea to me.

Other ideas in the plan include a large sports hub just off the central city near the damaged AMI stadium which would include swimming and sports facilities (replacing those damaged in the quakes). If the AMI stadium is rebuilt this would provide a phenomenal sportsand health resource. Also better cycling paths are in the plan, which I think is a great idea. When I working in Oulu, Finland the cycling was so safe and enjoyable – weaving in and out of forests and past the occasional lake. Christchurch has the opportunity to do the same.

Fingers crossed that those reading the submissions see the value of a strong science and innovation presence in Christchurch.

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  • deadline today 5 pm

    That’s a pity, I would like to have put something in myself. Sigh. Time always goes by too fast… (At one point I had hoped to write my ideas as a blog post to collect feedback, then submit after that.)

    Are you aware that the ChCh Med. School had plans underway for building a new school prior to the earthquakes?

  • Well done Michael! I was involved with the science fairs when I was a grad student last millennium out of which Science Alive evolved. It’s been great for the city. I heard the Min Sc and Innovation speak recently about the idea of a science hub and he was very supportive.
    @Grant – the new bldg might get built before our present one is repaired at the rate we are going (I’m still working from home and likely to be doing so for another year)! The lab people are suffering from the building closure despite the generous help from Lincoln, UC and ChCh Scientific colleagues.

  • Sounds like a great idea. There was a huge turnout at Warren Tate’s public talk last night at UC. Clearly there’s a real thirst for science in Chch. I also lived in Scandinavia for several years and miss the fantastic cycle paths. Lets hope they get it right.

  • I think the Science Education Centre would be a splendid alternative to rebuilding the Cathedral in the square..

    Could be a touch controversial though.. ;0)

  • Grant, I was aware the the Med School had some changes in mind. The artists representation of the new building in the report looks good. From what has been stated in the Press only 50% of the research labs in the school are currently in use with some researchers sharing space with researchers at University of Canterbury in the meantime.

    Kiwiski, thanks – Science Alive! and the staff there have been an absolute asset to Canterbury. It would be great to see a new and even better facility being built.

    Rob – an interesting suggestion. I won’t hold my breath though I think there are a lot of different plans for the Square, and I think most include a cathedral of some sort.
    What ever happened to the aquarium post quakes?