Time for a New Scientific Revolution

By Michael Edmonds 25/09/2011

A New Scientific Revolution

In the 17th century
Copernicus did start
A series of events
Dear to my heart

His thoughtful publication
About heavenly spheres
Caused those with rational leanings
To prick up their ears

As more and more followed
And scientific thinking grew
The Enlightenment blossomed
Human future cast anew

Focusing on logic
And methods quite rational
Pushing aside myth
The results quite sensational

Through evidence based medicine
Our life spans extended
Fantastic devices created leisure time
How splendid.

And education became available
To the rich AND the poor
We travelled more widely
And learnt so much more

But as the 21st century approached
A change has occurred
Science is being challenged
With views so absurd

There are those who claim magic water
Will cure all our ills
Even though there’s no evidence
They still flog their potions and pills

To an unwary public
Who don’t understand
Not a single active molecule
Lies there in their hand

Those who think it’s reasonable
To debate the experts
All on the basis of
A ten minute google search

The anti-vaxxers who listen
To fraudulent researchers and bunnies
Terrifying parents and care givers
Some driven by money

The anti-evolutionists
Who claim ID is science
On scripture not facts
They have placed their reliance

The petroleum companies
Profits from science derived
Only care to hear the research
That keeps their business alive

For years they have worked hard
To deny and suppress
The rapidly growing evidence
The Earth is in distress

Politicians, who for their own gains
Twist our research
And when we oppose you
Reputations you besmirch

You skimp on our funding
And still some succeed
How much more we could do
If more money was freed

But scientists are getting tired
Of dealing with this crap
We are coming out of our labs
It’s time to fight back

So if you are anti-science,
Please form a queue
The kid gloves are off
Your comeuppance is due

Scientists are writing and blogging
And talking to people
We are calling you out on
Arguments stupid and feeble

We’ve made too much progress
To let it all slide
Back into the darkness
Where myth and greed hide.

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