Stamp out Anti-science

By Michael Edmonds 27/09/2011

Stamp out anti-science is the title of Sir Paul Nurse’s editorial in the September 17th edition of the New Scientist. I think it is an excellent summary of some of the problems the science is encountering along with solutions.

Sir Paul shared the Nobel prize for medicine (2001), is President of the Royal Society, and presented the Horizon programme “Science under Attack.”

Some quotes from the editorial include:

“One problem is treating scientific discussion as if it were political debate. When some politicians try to sway the public they employ the tricks of the debating chamber: cherry picking data, ignoring the consensus opinion of experts, adept use of a sneer or misplaced comparison…”

“Scientific leaders have a responsibility to expose the bunkum… we need to be vigilant of what is said in the public arena”

“Science is worth fighting for. It helps us understand the world and ourselves better and will benefit all humanity”

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  • Oh, thanks so much for this. I can use it.

    I really appreciate Nurse getting out in front of the crankery problem. And I think he’s right to ask us to get into the discussion.