Deepak Chopra "reviews" The Magic of Reality

By Michael Edmonds 12/10/2011

Richard Dawkins new book “The Magic of Reality” (which should be on my door step in the next couple of days – imagine me rubbing my hands in glee) has received excellent reviews from the mainstream press. However, the same can not be said for both religious (see Bill O’Reilly here) and pseudoscience pundits.

Indeed Deepak Chopra (who in my mind is King of the Quacks) has written a scathing review of the book which has, in return received a rather scathing review by PZ Myers both of which are well worth reading just to compare the drastically different levels of clarity.

I think one of the issues that followers of pseudoscience have with the book is that it is aimed at children. Imagine their horror at the possibility that educating children about the magic of reality might immunize them against the absurd ideas and propositions put forward by pseudoscience.

As far as I’m concerned Chopra’s review is simple patch protection – the less people who understand science, the bigger future audience for his own books.

Although the book is aimed at children with simple explanations of science accompanied by the excellent illustrations of Dave McKean, I’m sure it will educate and enthrall many an adult. I’ll let you know in a week or so.

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  • Brian,

    Perhaps “conservative political commentator with strong religious beliefs” would be better? A bit of a mouthful though