Heavens Above – What is a Motivational Astrologer?

By Michael Edmonds 10/01/2012

Yesterday the Radio New Zealand summer programme included an interview with motivational astrologer, Gigi Sosnoski. The term “motivational astrologer” made me do a double take as I had never heard the term before. Was it some new variety of pseudoscience? I thought I had better find out.

On the radio programme, and Ms Sosnoski’s website she describes herself as a ‘motivational astrologer” because she wants to get away from the “doom and gloom” type of astrology and instead put a “positive spin” on her readings.

Ms Sosnoski also has a youtube “forecast” for January 2012 where she makes some “generalised” “forecasts” for January 2012.

Listening to the radio interview and the youtube broadcast, I saw very little difference from most types of astrology. Both consisted of generalised statements (Barnum statements) that could apply to anyone, all delivered with positivity.

Indeed, if you take away all the “astro-speak”, the advice delivered is exceptionally good, material that you would expect from any good motivational coach or mental health professional – advice about working hard, listening to other people, being considerate with others etc. I have no doubt that she is an excellent motivational coach, though I have trouble seeing the astrological readings as anything other than a gimmick to distinguish herself from her competitors in the motivational coaching profession.

I also couldn’t help but notice many inconsistencies which are common to most forms of astrology – several times it was discussed how individual and specific astrology was, yet the Youtube website seems to deliver rather generic (albeit good) advice for virtually everyone in January 2012. Also astrology, by it’s very definition, uses the stars and planets to provide advice yet, Ms Sosnoski  also spoke about about not being restricted by the astrological charts and free will, stating that:

“Planets do not make things happen .. you do!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Ms Sosnoski also quotes Socrates, “know thyself” a statement I personally agree with. What I can’t reconcile is how she can possibly think that plotting the paths of distant stars and planets could provide any useful information about oneself, particularly when the sciences, for example psychology and neurology can provide a much better understanding of the human condition.

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  • It’s generally specific, or perhaps specifically general? It’s all ‘make it up as you go along’. An old flatmate of mine was into astrology, and discussing it with her, I found it oddthat the one part of astrology that can be done precisely, the apparent position of the sun among the stars; is basically ignored. Astrologers use 12 equal zodiac signs, when there are actually 13, are they are far from equal length in time. Crazy mystic garbage…

  • ShadowMind, yeah. I’m lucky in that according to the actual band of zodiacal constellations my sign is Ophiuchus, the ignored sign.
    It provides a good opportunity to expound on why astrology is bunk when I’m asked what my sign is.

  • And here I am a boring old Libra – Sometimes I am sociable and extroverted, at others I can be quiet and introverted. I hide my emotions well, yet express them when necessary; I like other people to like me and yet can be quite critical of myself. I am disciplined and controlled on the outside although sometimes feel insecure.

  • Ha! I’m Ophiuchus too! (It really stumped my flatmate when I told her that…)

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