Psychic Called Out on TV

By Michael Edmonds 16/01/2012

Finally, at last, a TV host who actually calls out a “psychic” on an epic fail of a reading.

M or J? Is there anyone who doesn’t have an M or a J in their family?

Daughter has a boyfriend at 6? Someone’s information fishing trip just blew up in her face. The reading becomes increasingly desperate.

The fact that the psychic states that doesn’t everyone have a boyfriend at 5, demonstrates that she is picking phrases that apply to virtually everyone. What an obvious give away.

Also, notice how she doesn’t correct the introduction which says she can read thoughts, until she demonstrates that she can’t.

While the psychic gives a very poor impression as a psychic,the female host gives an equally poor impression of a parent. Seriously, you don’t know any of the names of your daughter’s friends?

0 Responses to “Psychic Called Out on TV”

  • Notice when the “psychic” was getting defensive she said “I picked up on Mary, I said it’s her daughter.”

    Uh, no, you said it was her mother, SHE said it was her daughter. I bet that works with the believers though.

    Good on Larry.

  • Darcy you are correct! what a scammer she is! Should be ashamed of herself!