Do Earthquakes Affect Homeopathic Remedies?

By Michael Edmonds 19/01/2012

Over the past year and a half Christchurch has experienced over 9500 earthquakes. Some have been sustained over many seconds and been quite abrupt. This reminds me of the method used to prepare homeopathic remedies – solutions are hit against (succussed is the term homeopaths use for this) a bible or similar book a specific number of times in order to “potentate” the homeopathic remedy.

So what happens when these solutions are repeatedly shaken by earthquakes? Do they become more potentated? Or perhaps the shaking deactivates them? How can we possibly tell? As far as I know homeopaths have no way of determining the quality of their potions. In fact, do homeopathics solutions ever break down? Have an expiry date? Is the water still potentated when customers pass it out as urine? What effect would this have on our water supply?

As far as I know homeopaths have never offered any adequate answers to all of these questions, well not ones that can be tested in any way. Compare this to conventional medicines:

Yes, we could analyse conventional medicines to test their quality and check to see if they had deteriorated.

Yes, medications do have expiry dates to take into account the possible deterioration of active compounds.

Yes, the active ingredients of some medications do pass out of the body. This can be determined by analysing the urine or other excreta. We know other medications are broken down for exactly the same reason. And yes, this does result in some concerns regarding our water supplies.

Many homeopathic remedies contain no active substances. This is something homeopaths freely admit to. If I were to break into a homeopaths office and remove all the labels from their bottles there would be no way they could identify which solution was which, or which solution could cure which disease.

Hardly a therapeutic approach that fills me with confidence.

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  • Please…

    The title alone made my wife (she who must be obeyed…) insist I clean up the spray of pinot noir!

    I left the rest of the glass alone until I finished reading. Many thanks for again pointing out the absurdity of homeopathy.

  • Sorry about the Pinot noir, should have had a warning only to be read with white wines.

  • Many homeopaths, when tested, like to say that the skeptics in the room provided negative energies which negated the effect of homeopathy.

    As a skeptic, I like to go to places that sell homeopathy, stand around in the isles for a few minutes and then leave again.

  • Bastard sheep,

    Perhaps you should leave a note behind
    “these remedies no longer work as they have been skeptically nullified” 🙂

  • It’s worse than that: almost all hoemopathy product is delivered by standard road transport. Who knows what the remedies are by the end of this? Probably they are all 1000C traffic stress. That could be lethal to someone with a heart complaint!

    There should be legislation forcing hoemopathy suppliers to use air-cushioned vehicles like computer movers use.

  • Wow. I hadn’t ever thought of some of these points. I’ll have to remember them when I get into a discussion with the staff at Priceline Pharmacies.

  • In Takaka, NZ, for $1000 or more, the IONZA outfit will sell you filters to make ionized alkaline water. Their product has micro cluster, structurised water enabling highly effective hydration. They also point out, pointlessly, that acidic water pH3 or 4 is used topically to treat skin conditions…as a general cleaner … and disinfectant. By acidic water they mean diluted vinegar or comparable. That has no relationship to the claimed benefits from alkaline water. In fact they say that over-acidity in the body causes arthritis, cancer, heart conditions, skin conditions, cholesterol imbalance, chronic fatigue and overweight.