Psychic Predictions Bland and Uninspired

By Michael Edmonds 28/01/2012

The Your Weekend insert in the Christchurch Press today contained an article listing the predictions for 2012 by several “mystics”. However, it appears that gone are the days of grand and outrageous claims (I guess these are too obvious when they prove to be wrong).

Don Murray, astrologer, tells us that there is a “difficult clash of Pluto and Uranus” (call me juvenile but that just made me snigger) and this will result in much “unemployment, negative energy in the world and many natural disasters.” Wow, unemployment in a worldwide recession, who would have thought? Also there will be more chaos in Christchurch! This is less a prediction and more a certainty with continuing aftershocks, fragile infrastructure and a bickering council! John Key will not have a smooth year, neither will Black Caps coach John Wright, but then what sports coach or political leader doesn’t have difficulties?

Barry Newman, clairvoyant medium tells us there will be major floods in Otago and sees a “dam going” whatever that means. There will be other quakes in the South Island (obvious to anyone who looks on Geonet regularly). John Key will continue with strong leadership and David Shearer will get stronger and stronger (politically very even handed). Overseas there will be problems for the USA, Germany, Frances and Korea (Given how often these countries have featured on the news of late, a rather uninspired prediction).

Still some of his predictions can be checked. According to Barry, Obama will do one term and there may be an attempt on his life (but maybe there won’t) and Tiger Woods will win the US Open.

Then there are the “predictions” of Maryanne Frank, parapsychologist and business and personal coach (what the hell does that mean anyway? Does she research psychic phenomena as well as being a coach? Or is this some new trendy gimmick in personal coaching similar to that of motivational astrologer, Gigi Sosnoski?) Maryanne tells us there is “an exciting shift in frequency, measurable by science” happening on the planet. I’d love to see a scientific reference to back that claim, Maryanne. Most of Maryanne’s “predictions” are little more than sensible advice – “create balance, be responsible for less stress, not adding to it” as well as being optimistic and creating ones own destiny.” Though to be fair she does make more stunning revelations that trade will be good for John Key and he may move house or build this year. Also the foundering of major banks overseas will affect New Zealand. Wow.

Lara, the psychic clairvoyant medium (isn’t that a somewhat redundant title), uses a mix of good advice sprinkled with angelic references and multiple references regarding the need to “access your higher self.” In June “your prayers will be answered – but wait for the right time – and it’s not yet!” But hang on you just said that they would be answered. If I pray that all psychics will come to their rational senses will this occur by midnight on the 31st of July? Nice idea, but I won’t hold my breath.

Uwe Tietz, tarot reader and astrologer, babbles on using numerology and tarot card “speak” before revealing that the world will not end in 2012 and that 2012 is a year of individual responsibility. Wow, I’ll have to note that down.

To provide some much needed balance to the article there is also a section from Peter Harrison of the New Zealand Rationalists and Humanists Association and a section by Vicki Hyde of the New Zealand Skeptics.

Peter, rightly points out that there are many things we don’t need a crystal ball to predict – the ongoing effects of climate change and political instability around the world. he also quite sagely points out that “Nobody can know the future, but only we have the ability to influence it.”

Vicki reminds us that the past predictions of psychics seldom live up to the hype surrounding them. In 1997 psychics predicted Princess Diana would marry again, get fat and have too more children, but missed the tragedy of her death. Surely if any event would have “rung across the etheric planes” it would have been Princess Diana’s death. Of course occasionally a psychic will claim to have predicted an event, however, when the prediction is only revealed after the event one does get a little suspicious. For example, Deb Webber’s claim to have predicted the February earthquake in Christchurch. Given this natural disaster resulted in over 180 deaths, why on earth didn’t she warn us. What use is a “prediction” that isn’t predictive?

Still, at least none of the mystics predicted the end of the world. I feel so relieved.

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  • I wonder if Don’s “negative energy” is the same as that which sceptics emit causing paranormal ventures to fail. If so… built in excuse! AND Validation at the same time!