Rapping it up at SCANZ 2012

By Michael Edmonds 28/02/2012

Last week I attended the 2012 Science Communicators Association of New Zealand (SCANZ) in Wellington and it was an absolute blast. It was great catching up with those I already know, including other scibloggers, as well as meeting new friends who are also passionate about science communication. The talks will also provide a great source of info for my blog :-).

I thought I would begin with Tom McFadden, who is an absolute joy to listen to. He is young, highly intelligent, absolutely passionate about science communication and is using his musical talent to stimulate interest in science through rap.

Here is Tom on Close Up:


Tom opened the conference with an absolutely hilarious rap outline of the programme. And later on he gave a talk about how he was going to use rap to teach science and assess the effectiveness of his techniques afterwards. Tom also asked for feedback from the conference delegates, which included asking of Tom had considered using other music, for example, Enya which caused some great laughs. Enya might appeal to an older audience, but probably not young people.

Although the Close Up article mentions Tom will be doing a Masters in Science Communication at Otago, apparently there are some issues around the funding for this. If anyone can think of sources of funding for Tom, then please suggest them. His talent needs to be encouraged.

Tom has a fantastic channel on Youtube (here) – take a look even if rap isn’t quite your thing.

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  • Awesome, Michael – glad to see you’ve been posting about this! Something I aim to do soon 🙂