A Philosophical View of Homeopathy

By Michael Edmonds 16/03/2012

Philosopher Damon Young from the University of Melbourne gives his very eloquent take on homeopathy here.

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  • I liked the title of the article you linked to: Homeopathy is not a cure, it’s water and consolation 🙂

  • Finally got around to reading this.
    It’s ok I suppose. I thought I might be in for something a little more in depth and nuanced what with it being by a philosopher and all.
    I had a couple of problems with it, first was this passage:
    Western medicine has its problems, of course: the treatment of pregnancy as an illness requiring intrusive intervention, for example, or the treatment of symptoms rather than the lifestyles that cause them.

    Seems like he might be railing against homeopathy and by extension altmed but he has also taken their criticisms of conventional medicine at face value. Of course a doctor will look at lifestyle factors as well as the specific symptoms. What, does he think an over weight patient presenting with high cholesterol as hearth problems would be given some statins and sent on his way? No, he would be given info on healthy eating and exercise.

    Secondly, he repeats the common trope that dissatisfaction with modern medicine is what drives people to homeopathy (and altmed) when it is actually personal philosophy that is most predictive of CAM use.(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9605899)
    He could be forgiven for this as most people seem to just assume this is true.