Upcoming Documentary on Atheism

By Michael Edmonds 21/03/2012

A new documentary on atheism is in the making, for which this trailer has just been produced. Two of my favourite comments from the video are from PZ Myers:

“All I am doing is speaking. All I am doing is saying what I think, and I’m saying it bluntly and honestly”

and from Greta Christina:

“A tremendous amount of atheist anger is not about things that are being done to us, it’s about things that are being done to other people… anger isn’t necessary a sign that there is something wrong with you, sometimes anger is a sign that there is something wrong with the world.”

Greta Christina has recently released a book called “Why are You Atheists so Angry? on Kindle, which I downloaded from Amazon.com last night. It is a very articulate and thought provoking book.

0 Responses to “Upcoming Documentary on Atheism”

  • Thanks, Michael, I must get hold of that book.

    One thing that really bugs me is having someone say, “ah well, if you’re an atheist you don’t really have anything to live for, do you?” That is so annoying on so many levels.

  • Alison, Living for nothing (sum total energy of the Universe) is better than living for anything ().

    I’m looking forward to seeing this doco. Thanks for the “heads up” Michael.