A Plug for Humanities & the Arts

By Michael Edmonds 01/07/2012

Last week I went to a performance of Guys and Dolls by the NASDA (National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts) students at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology). It was fantastic, no doubt the result of the incredible talent and hard work of the students. It reminded me that the Arts & Humanities have an important role in society.

Too often, particularly when we become focused on the limited science funding, it can be easy to dismiss the contributions other fields of study can provide to society, however, it is important to remember that science and technology, while playing key role in humanity’s progress, are just one way of enriching our lives.

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  • It was something I considered when the last budget came out. Every time I bemoaned the size and organization of the science funding announced, I tried to also note that science had got off relatively unscathed compared to most other sectors.

    And there’s a decent chunk that’s been cut out of the Auckland council’s budget recently to do with funding arts events. Even little things like supporting the Friday night outside movies/markets down at the tank farm is being cut iirc. It’s a pity, the increase in arts/festivals/cool little things to do around town has been in the process of making Auckland a nice place to live.