Science Communication at Yale iTunes U

By Michael Edmonds 06/07/2012

I recently discovered that the iPad has an iTunes U application which allows access to a range of free university courses from a range of  universities and colleges. Exploring further I discovered a series of talks from Yale University on science writing and journalism, including “Science Journalism in an Irrational World” by Sharon Begley, senior health and science correspondent at Reuters, and “Don’t be Such a Scientist: Tips for turning science into stories” by scientist turned film maker Randy Olsen.

I highly recommend these talks, and if you don’t have an iPad they are also accessible via iTunes.

Ms Begley’s talk discusses the poor state of science knowledge in the USA, and she uses some of the responses she has received to her articles to demonstrate some of the challenges science journalists face in communicating science to the public.

Dr Olsen’s much shorter talk reinforces the importance of story telling in science, and describes the important of the “arouse and fulfill” approach to science communication.

Take a look if you get a chance.

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  • And if you don’t like or use iTunes most of the courses are downloadable from the Yale site directly in a variety of formats.