Why I Never Trust Celebrity Endorsements – Usain Bolt and Gatorade

By Michael Edmonds 09/10/2012

Usain Bolt made a flying visit to New Zealand this week. While here he visited local sports teams but the main reason for his visit was to promote Gatorade, the sugary sports drink. While such drinks provide valuable energy for athletes involved in high intensity training, most nutritionists are concerned about it’s use by the less active general public, with the potential for such drinks to contribute to obesity, particularly in children who like to emulate their sports stars.

When asked in an interview about whether Gatorade is suitable for everyone Usain replied (video link here)

“It keeps you hydrated.. it’s for everyone…just by walking around you burn calories everyday..” 

However, these comments were quickly added to by Gatorade’s accompanying global brand director, Lauren Fritts.

“We very purposely market ourselves to athletes. We are made for athletes as a functional beverage … and those are the people we want using the product …”

 Perhaps they should have briefed their celebrity more thoroughly then?