Skeptical Tarot Cards

By Michael Edmonds 11/11/2012

My sister reads tarot cards.

This causes great mirth among my skeptical friends, and, as my uncle so sagely put it, makes for some really interesting conversations at family occasions.However, in spite of our disagreement over tarot and many related beliefs, we still maintain a healthy respect for each other and share a good sense of humour. Consequently, I could help but have a good laugh when my sister sent me a set of “skeptic” tarot cards which she had made for me. Some of the cards include:

The Sun – I see the sun today. You will too. Yay for the sun.

Shakes – This could signify an earthquake. It could also just be squiggly lines on a card … You choose.

H2O – Today you will see, feel, drink or swim in water. This card is never wrong.

Money – Either you will earn, win lose or spend money today. This card is hardly ever wrong.

Math – remember that 2 + 2 will always be 4. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Big black starry shape – Oh this is the only negative card in the pack but speaks of an accident. I feel there will be one somewhere in the world .. Could be a plane, a boat or a train … Watch the news you will see it there

Sparkles – This card is the most important in the Skeptics deck. Remember every day is much better with sparkles.

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