"Miracle Mineral" Solution is not Janola

By Michael Edmonds 28/12/2012

In a previous post I made the comment that “miracle mineral” solution (MMS) is made from sodium chlorite, which is one of the active ingredients of Janola, a commonly used bleach/cleaning agent in New Zealand. As has been pointed out in a comment by Ted Seay on my previous post, this is incorrect – while MMS does indeed use sodium chlorite, Janola contains sodium hypochlorite, a different oxidising agent.

Like other bloggers, science bloggers make mistakes occasionally. When this happens it is important to admit and correct the error because this is how science works.

So now that this correction has been made, let’s take the opportunity to look at the difference between these two chlorine based oxidants, what they are used for and how they work.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is commonly used in household bleach often at concentrations of about 3 – 8%. Because it readily breaks down to produce sodium chloride (NaCl) and sodium chlorate (NaClO3) most bleach solutions also contain low concentrations of sodium hydroxide which slows down this decomposition.

When dissolved in water sodium hypochlorite produces hypochlorous acid, a strong oxidant capable of killing various micro-organisms as well as reacting with a wide range of biological molecules. This is why it is so effective as a bleach. This is also why, in emergencies, adding a small amount of bleach solution to potentially contaminated water (5 drops per litre) is often recommended by civil defence. As such a low dose it should kill most microbes in the water, but still is dilute enough to have no toxic effects on the body.

Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) on the other hand is used to generate chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for the bleaching of paper, textiles and sometimes to disinfect water supplies. Chlorine dioxide is a very effective oxidising agent/disinfectant.

Those promoting “Miracle Mineral” Solution (MMS) generally advise that it is produced by reacting sodium chlorite with a weak acid such as citric acid. When the acid is added it produces chlorous acid (HClO2) which degrades to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which then degrades to chlorite, chlorate (ClO3) and eventually chloride ions (Cl).

So that’s the chemistry. And this chemistry helps explain why it doesn’t make sense to use MMS to treat internal diseases.


Why the use of MMS INTERNALLY doesn’t make sense

1) One of the reasons that sodium chlorite/citric acid is very useful in industry as a surface disinfectant is that it breaks down really quickly. This is why it is often mixed together just before use. The resulting chlorine dioxide then rapidly reacts with organic matter (e.g. bacteria) and is reduced to chlorites and any excess quickly evaporates from the surface being disinfected. However, when administered internally, the chlorine dioxide will be broken down long before it gets to where the disease is (perhaps the exception here would be mouth infections?).

2) On many of the websites that sell MMS they claim or imply that it is effective in treating complex diseases such as cancer, AIDS, colds, Lyme disease, malaria and kidney disease. Given how well understand how at least some of these diseases work, it makes no sense that MMS will work.

3) If MMS did work against these and other diseases those who have been cured would be presenting themselves to doctors, and the developer would probably been nominated for several Nobel prizes.

4) MMS follows the same pattern as many other pseudo-scientific treatments that have come before it – lots of hype, the selling of basic chemicals with ridiculous mark ups, and no verifiable results.

Definitely a “treatment” to avoid.





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  • But, it does work, I was a firm skeptic, then I decided to try it.
    I took it 8 times a day for a week, then 5 times for 2 weeks, then just once or twice a week for a year.
    I came down with a horrible cold, I took it once, cold disappeared. I came down with guardia, took one dose, guardia gone immediately. I had a 7cm (grapefruit sized) liver cyst and after a year I had the cyst ultrasounded and it had collapsed, the liver specialist told me something had attacked the cyst on all sides, and now it was absorbing into my body, it should be completely gone in a year, it’s the size of a marble now. I also had a heart valve prolapse, it is completely normal now, the biophysician who taught me the use of mms told me it would clean the valve.
    I’ve given it to several friends and all report similiar stories.
    I won’t tell my doctor as I don’t want him to ban me from his office, he could never admit to trying it, he could lose his license.

    • Dawna,

      thanks for your comments, they raise some interesting questions.

      If you were a “firm skeptic” then what made you decide to try such a detailed regime of doses?

      Have you considered the possibility that your cold went away by itself (as they do) and taking mms was just a coincidence of timing? How quickly did the cold appear to disappear after taking the mms? Similarly, could not the cyst over a whole year have simply collapsed by itself?
      Also, did you do anything else to improve your health during this time by changing diet, lifestyle and perhaps taking pharmaceuticals?
      What is a “biophysician”? From what i have read a heart valve prolapse is not due to a “dirty” valve so I can’t see how “clean”ing it could make sense? Also how could mms get to the heart valve to clean it. mms will be broken down and dealt with in the digestive system way before it can get to the heart.

      I doubt any doctor would ban a patient because they are taking an unusual therapy – I would have thought they might ask a few questions about it though.
      And if a doctor tried an “alternative” remedy it would not mean he/she would lose his/her licence.

  • Hi Mike,
    I am 65 years old. My husband had an cancer therapy outside the USA 8 years ago that is not allowed here, his doctor refused to see him again when we returned, saying to him “your doctor is Dr. Garcia now, go see him”. We live in a small town in Colorado, finding another doctor in that field is not easy, I simply am afraid I’ll hear the same story if I told my doctor. I’d love to tell him….help me get the courage…

    I too think of all the questions you ask….
    I was living in Puerto Vallarta for most of last winter when I heard that Jim Humble, inventor of MMS, was going to give a seminar on MMS right down the street….simply out of curosity I decided to go see for myself about it, and I was interested to meet Jim for myself.
    The very first thing he did in class was pour all of us a bottle of MMS, I was floored, I had no idea I would have to drink it. Everyone drank, they didn’t die, so I drank, every hour we drank, 8 times a day, for the week I was at class. Dosage increased everyday, from 1 drop until we drank 3 drops.

    When I returned home I decided to try the capsules he had introduced at the class, which he has named MMS2, they are calcium hypochlorite, which turns into hydrochlorous acid after ingested, which is what is in your stomach anyway to help keep you heallthy. He had recommended 5 capsules a day, two hours apart for cancer. I took these to see how I felt, and who knows, I may have something brewing inside me. They gave me energy, that’s all I know about. My husband also took them, he also says they give you energy.
    The thing I really learned in class is not to be afraid of it, people had taken large dosages and some had cured themselves of many diseases including cancer, hepatitis C, they were taking the class to learn more, Jim has a way of making the gas that comes from it for spraying on the skin, for burns, etc.

    All my curosity started several years ago when my sister got cancer, she refused chemo, she used many alt health remedies, but she died, I found the mms while helping her research. But I thought it sounded goofy….now I am sorry I didn’t encourage her to try it, it won’t hurt you even if it doesn’t heal.

    My husband also got a cold and his cold simply disappeared with 30 minutes, and a girl friend had a cold for 1 full day, snotty nose, her cold disappeared in 4 hours, and two dosages. My cold was a sore throat which last all night, I woke up, took 3 drop dosage and within minutes my throat was fine, I always get a cold after a day of a sore throat.
    The guardia really surprised me as I get it a lot as I travel quite a bit, I really had it full on, the horrible smelly gas and frothy ligh colored stools, it was just gone in minutes.

    I took the mms as I said, once or twice a week all year, it was March last year 2013 that I attended the class.

    I made a mistake in my first post, my cyst was 13 cm across, not 7cm. I had it for 35 years. Of course I cannot prove anything, quite a coincidence though, as that is what Jim Humble told me the mms would do – attack the cyst, make it bleed to death.
    A bio-physician has a doctorate in body functions….maybe my memory isn’t quite right?
    What you say makes sense, that the digestive system would break it down, but after swallowing it – I can feel it throughout my body. My cyst hurt like a knife stabbing me right after taking it, each time….that’s more than a coincidence.
    And the biophysician who asked if anyone had a fast heart beat knew someone would say yes. This was during the MMS class that he helped teach, he predicted the valve would clean up. I have the printed results from the ultrasound on all my organs. I am happy to mail them out.

    The only “drugs” I take are hormones for menopause and Armour thyroid. I am 118 pounds at 5’6″, and have been this size since 20 years old.

  • My husband would like to add….he thinks it stimulates the immune system and that’s what cures these things. And that the mms doesn’t actually go through the digestive trac, it turns into chlorine dioxide gas, it’s that gas that enters the system and it kills pathogens, viruses, bacteria, anything abnormal.

  • Dawna

    Thanks for sharing all you have experienced.

    Your doctor’s response sounds a bit disappointing but then the US is quite litigious so perhaps he feels the need to protect himself in case the alternative treatments do harm and he is blamed for it?
    It is hard to imagine that the chlorine dioxide would last long enough to reach the areas you feel it has affected. It should react with the digestive track long before it gets to the different organs. And our bodies also have the capacity for various conditions to go into remission or completely disappear.
    You have ultrasounds of all of your organs? Wow.
    Good that you seem in good health now, anyway.

  • Hi,
    The treatment my husband had is called HIFU, high intensity focused ultrasound, it’s used for breast, liver, kidney, pancreatic, lung (outside the lung – not inside – as ultrasound gets lost in air), prostate, brain, etc. cancers ~ outside the USA, and only in countries that our FDA doesn’t have control over. There’s no cutting, so little chance of doing any harm. The doctor’s ego was the only thing damaged as he told us that my husband had only two weeks to decide when to schedule surgery, he led us to believe he had one month to live. We’ve found out that about 8 other guys in my hometown also went to Mexico for HIFU treatment. All are very happy they did.

    I jump at the chance to tell people about HIFU, as it was a two hour pain free treatment, no side effects whatsoever, and no need for any drugs.
    The FDA is trying to bad mouth it and suppress it and they are dragging their feet in dealing with the application for approval (it’s been sitting on their desk for some16 months now). It’s just criminal that they won’t approve it.

    All my abdominal area is on the report, kidneys, pancreas, biliary, gallbladder, spleen, peritoneum, inferior vena cava, liver, and heart.

    I just took a capsule of MMS2 and I can feel it running through me, it’s cold, and my face feels flushed but cold. Under your belief….Why would any drugs work if we take them orally?

    A friend just phoned and said she cured her gout with taking the capsules. She took 3 capsules 3 times a day for 3 days and the pain went away, she continued taking 3 a day for another 4 days, now she is just taking one every other day. Of course she doesn’t know for certain that the gout is cured, but it’s been a month and the pain is still gone, and she doesn’t have to suffer the side effects she was having with the drugs they gave her – which she says didn’t work very good anyway.

    Do you feel the Hypochlorous acid could be responsible for the results? I am sure this is not a case of spontanous remission. In fact, with the gout story I feel quite invincible!

    Jim Humble deserves to be reconized, the only money he makes off this discovery is when he sells a book, I got his first book, he was a aerospace research engineer for 25 years.

    When I was in Zimbabwe I met a girl who told me about how she had gotten malaria and how all food tasted like cardboard and how she wanted to die she was in such pain. Her doctor put her in the hospital on drugs, but still food was gagging, she was in for almost 2 weeks when they realized she wasn’t going to get better…..they gave her a shot and – wham – she was well. She wondered if they gave her MMS by injection. And she is mad that they didn’t give it to her sooner. They would not tell her what they gave her.


  • “When I was in Zimbabwe ……..they gave her a shot and – wham – she was well. She wondered if they gave her MMS by injection. And she is mad that they didn’t give it to her sooner. They would not tell her what they gave her.”

    Or, they gave her some real medically proven pharmaceuticals. Why would she (or you) wonder if they had injected commercial bleach?

    There are so many other confounding factors in all your anecdotes. The gout? It flares and goes into remission regularly and spectacularly quickly, often in response to diet. It is likely that, at the same time your friend bleached their gullet, they also altered their diet. Did anyone ask? Or better still, record anything?

    While I am interested in the situations you describe, I can’t help but recall the pertinent research catechism “The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘proof'”

  • Doctors will tell you what drug they’ve they’ve given you when they’ve given you a pharmaceutical drug. Zimbabwe is educated, very well educated in fact, Mugabe has made it law that everyone get an education, that’s what is wrong with the country, over educated people with no money to start a business, and even if they start a business no one has any money to buy from them. Mugabe keeps most of the tax money for his enjoyment, he built himself a 57 million dollar estate, yes dollars, as Zimbabwe’s national currency is the US dollar.. The people of Zimbabwe go to South Africa where they steal all the good jobs,

    Well, let’s wait and see if the gout stays away. I asked her yesterday if she changed anything in her diet, she said no, but you will discredit me some other way, it’s real hard to accept something new.

    Look at mercury, it’s many uses, and one chemical changes into another when something is added to it…..I’m telling you that?

    And. let’s compare chemo to mms, no one has been harmed by mms.

    mms is not commercial bleach, the composition changes when citric acid is added, and the capsules are calcium hydrochlorite which turn into hydrochlorous acid when it hits water (in your stomach) and I wouldn’t care if it was bleach, as I know it works,

    I know it works inside me as I can feel it and I know my results, I watched the ultrasound picture, the valve opening and closing without any hesitation or back flow, and my black hole which was my cyst was gone, only tissue in my liver. I was so shocked and so surprised. And curing a cold in minutes and curing guardia in minutes ~ metronazole takes a week to work!

    There’s something to this…..Jim makes no money from this discovery, I certainly don’t either, I give the stuff away, heck it costs me .002 cents per ounce! Really, guys, maybe instead of fighting it ~ you should look into it, help your fellow man.

    I’m going to New Zealand next year, maybe we could meet, you could meet my husband, an air traffic controller…..who thinks mms is the best thing he ever found, besides me – of couse!

  • Dr. Segura says, “MMS2 is basically calcium hypochlorite, which is a chemical compound widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching and disinfecting agent (bleaching powder). This one is indeed a mineral because it has calcium in it, but a mineral that reacts to produce hypochlorous acid when ingested. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine, is what some of our white blood cells produce in order to kill bacteria through the well-known process called oxidation.” and Dr. Sircus goes on to say “The human body produces it (hypochlorous acid) to fight infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system is done so in minute quantities because the acid holds danger for normal cells as well as the pathogens.”

    But I differ in those last words, I can pour mms on my arms and face, the healthy skin is not affected at all, but any brown spots dry up, crust over and fall off within a day ot two.

  • From the Health Canada website: Miracle Mineral Solution distributed by MMSsupplier.com claims to contain 28% sodium chlorite solution. Based on these claims, when taken as directed, Miracle Mineral Solution provides approximately 200 times more sodium chlorite than the tolerable daily intake of sodium chlorite in water. http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2010/13510a-eng.php

    It’s also important to remember that when white blood cells kill bacteria, this is happening inside the white blood cells ie none of the mix of digestive enzymes and other chemicals they use would normally be released into the bloodstream or tissues. Where this release does happen, there’s evidence it contributes to tissue damage & inflammation (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1080/713803731/pdf). HOCl is thus not at all selective in what it attacks, which is probably why diarrhoea is a very common side effect (as judged by reports on MMS chat boards) of taking Humble’s product.

  • Yes, 27 or 28% is the correct dosage.

    When I pour it on my skin it does nothing, except to a hyperpigmented spot, that spot crusts over and falls off in a day or so, different types of spots react differently, some have no reaction whatsoever. What has always amazed me is how only the brown spot is affected, right down to the little tiniest spot of skin. Healthy skin just ignors it, it turns to powder…salt. And this proves to me that it doesn’t hurt normal cells.

    The old rules, I supose they are still in use – are to work your way up to a high dosage, say 6 drops in water, go so high as to see when you get diarrhea, the thought is, when you get sick it means it is working, after you get sick you need to back off a few drops or wait a day and back off a few drops. Then keep increasing, as you will tolerate more, this is for cancer and other really bad disease. I’ve never done this. For malaria he uses a 15 + 15 drop dosage one time in a glass of distilled water or a fresh squeezed juice (not orange juice, too much vitamin C). A few times the malaria needs another dosage which he gives 4 hours later, or the next day. I hear that the country of Malawi gives mms injections for malaria.

    Jim doesn’t have the luxury of a clinical trial, so we all know we are the guinea pigs, and we do so willingly. He is the master guinea pig, he has taken as much as 125 drops at a time.

    I only use the MMS liquid for topical or oral, I take the MMS2 capsules. Although I did take the drops for 8 days, and on occasion take them. I’ve certainly never gotten sick from any of it.

  • Jim V. Humble started his career in the aerospace industry where he quickly became a research engineer. He worked on the first intercontinental missile and the Moon vehicle, wrote instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, set up experiments for A-bomb explosions and in electricity generation by magnetohydrodynamics, worked on secret radio-control electronics, complete-wired the first machine to be controlled by computers at the Hughes Aircraft Company and invented the original automatic garage-door opener.

    In the mining field, Jim has written four books, updated older technology and discovered how to overcome the health hazards of mercury and, indeed, eliminate it from mining. His technology includes methods of preventing chemical leaching and recovering gold using using nothing but water.
    Jim’s immediate goal is to return to Africa, where he has also conducted trials, to eliminate all of the malaria in a single nation in order to prove to the world that it is possible.

    Jim Humble has written a book, Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century – Parts I and II, available from his website http://www.miraclemineral.org (Part I, 2nd edition, can be downloaded as a PDF for free).

  • Its an interesting background Dawna. However its not relevant to his claims.

    Its similar to extolling the academic background of a theoretical mathematician who has made breakthroughs in the field of time measurement as relevant to support his amateur brain surgery.

    Without belittling theoretical mathematicians who have a sideline in brain surgery at all of course.

    And, you are not a guinea pig in the scientific sense. If you were, there would be control guinea pigs as well, and neither of you would know which guinea pigs were getting a placebo and which the active ingredient.

    The “experiment” being conducted on you then is no more scientifically (or medically) justifiable than Mengele’s were.

  • Where would the world be without people like Jim and Barry Marshall…..an (oh no!) Australian…who spent 10 years trying to tell the world that ulcers are caused from bacteria….but doctors kept cutting them out, would not listen, to the fact that penincillin would cure ulcers, people died in surgery and the ulcers came back, only to be operated on again. They wouldn’t even try a little pill to see if it worked!

    Finally, in desperation to get his discovery known, Barry drank a Petri dish containing cultured H. pylori, expecting to develop, perhaps years later, an ulcer. He was surprised when, only three days later, he started getting ill from it…..he cured it with penincillian and got the Nobel Prize in medicine…
    read about him here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Marshall

    I posted the info about Jim only to inform that he is no dummy.

    And, there is no “experiment being conducted on me”. I love it, my skin is softer than ever before and I don’t have blood shot eyes anymore either. If it makes me (and plenty others) feel this good – it must be doing something good.

    Jim would love a clinical trial, but it costs hundreds of millions to run one.

  • Dawna,

    I don’t know what the “an (oh no!) Australian” comment is all about?

    Barry Marshall’s work was not accepted until it have enough evidence to support it.. This is how science works. An idea (hypothesis) is not accepted until there is sufficient evidence to support it.
    There is no good evidence that MMS works. Anecdotes are not evidence as they have not eliminated the possibility that the conditions have gone away for other reasons.
    Also, the way the digestive system works means their is no obvious mechanism by which it could work.
    Clinical trials do not cost hundreds of millions of dollars to run.

    Is taking MMS the only change you have made in your life that could have improved your skin and eyes? No other changes in diet or lifestyle?

    I suspect the dose of MMS probably makes it fairly harmless, but just be aware that things that make us feel or look better in the short term are not always healthy. A century ago arsenic solutions were used to give the skin a glow of “healthiness”. We now know that the glow in the cheeks was a symptom of arsenic poisoning!

  • Dawna. I find your comments on the history of ulcers quite offensive. That history is certainly not something you can use to suggest any-old nonsense should be taken seriously.

    When the idea of a bacterial cause of some kinds of stomach ulcers was first suggested, there was little evidence and the scientists/doctors were rightly careful. The Marshall’s gathered evidence, using proper protocols and as the evidence accumulated, the scientists changed their views. That took about 10 years.

    Thats a good example of science working well. As Tim Minchin puts it, “What do they call alternative medicine, that works? Medicine!” Watch his poem “Storm” you will enjoy it.

    Just another detail, Tim is an Australian.

  • The “oh no” is because I hear there is a rivalry between Aussies and Kiwis, just a joke. Over here, we are very envious of you both. We see you as being carefree, fun loving….but this experience is making me wonder….my best girl friend is a kiwi….I’ve spent a month in Australia.

    Oh my, you actually defend doctors not giving their patients a penincillan pill a couple weeks prior to cutting them up. Not one of you has even considered the fact that there was no money in a prescription? Money is the root of all evil. Maurice says, “as the evidence accumulated”…..it took an Aussie to drink a petri dish of bacteria for them to notice…..only because of this desperate act would they have to admit it was time to acknowledge what they had hoped they could keep under cover until they earned enough to get that yacht, and only after Barry won the Nobel Prize.

    Just like HIFU, it was invented in 1941 by a doctor who had prostate cancer and went through surgery, to be left unable to —- I’ll leave it there, his statements afterwards included “no man should have to suffer the indignancies of this surgical outcome”. So, he came up with a pain free, no side effect technique, which is still not FDA approved. At first it was swept under the rug after the doctor died, it took 50 years until the French got interested and brought the technique back. When the HIFU companies put the device in clinical trials – in the USA – the hospitals took the study on. But they failed to inform any patients that they could sign up for the trial, only one hospital told men, and that hospital finished the trials when the other hospitals only had one person signed up. I know a man who went to one of the hospitals which had the trials and he was a perfect canidate and he was never told of the HIFU option, which was free. Then I went to MD Anderson’s cancer lectures (I was a big donor, I get invited to these things) and they talked for 3 hours about all the drugs they are testing to “cure” cancer….not one word about HIFU, which had been in clinical trials at their hospital for 5 years. One fellow stood up at the Q & A time and asked “what is the name of the HIFU device you have in tests in your hospital?”. All 4 men on the stage answered, “I don’t know”….one a time. Then I stood up and said, “the answer to the last question is the Albatherm, it is made in France”. They just said “thank you, next question”. I later told them my husband was treated using this device and his outcome is perfect, and I asked why they didn’t look into this technique as it also treats breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, all organ cancers”. They just responded “thank you next question”. The following year they announced at the beginning of the talk that there would be no Q & A time.

    Putting all your confidence in the medical industry is foolhearted. It’s not unlike the cartels in Mexico, if you get out of lock step with them – your head will roll.

    I’ve never changed my eatting or lifestyle, I have always been quite aware of my body and being heathy, more than likely because of vanity…. I wanted to “look good”.

    Who is Tim? Never heard of Storm……Alternate medicine?? like oranges for scurvey?

    BTW, MMS would work for ulcers, it kills bacteria like H.Pylori.

    I wonder how medicines get past the gut, or vitamins?

    Michael, here is a quote from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2630333/
    “From the 1980s to the 1990s, the clinical trial costs of drug development increased 5 times faster than preclinical costs, according to the Tuft Center for the Study of Drug Development. In 2003, some health economists in the United States estimated the average cost of bringing a drug to market at US$802 million. Estimates of typical research and development costs today are in the US$1.3 billion-to-US$1.7 billion range,”

    Jim Humble is still working on his first 100,000.

  • Dawna. We agree when you give examples of cases where the evidence was found and medical practice changed. In this case oranges for scurvy. That is how we move forward.

    Association does not strengthen the case for MMS, only evidence will do that. It looks as thought HIFU fails the test too, at least at present.

    My confidence is in the scientific and medical researchers and the scientific method.

  • Yes, the world needs followers. Thinking is being outlawed.

    If chlorine dioxide cannot survive the gut then can anyone tell me how medicines or vitamins get past the gut?

    MMS2 is hydrochlorous acid, it is meant to live in the gut, right? It revs up your immune system – right there in the gut.

    • Dawna,

      “If chlorine dioxide cannot survive the gut then can anyone tell me how medicines or vitamins get past the gut?”

      That is a really fascinating question. What it often comes down to is the reactivity of the molecule. Fro something that reacts with acids, oral dosage is not possible because it will be destroyed in the stomach.
      Some molecules can survive the stomach and make it through to the intestines where most drugs tend to be absorbed. Some cannot.
      The first pencillins are a good example – the first penicillin developed as a drug was acid sensitive and so could only be used by injection. Later chemists worked out a way to alter the structure of the molecule so that it was acid-resistant which is why today we can take several penicllin related drugs orally.
      Most drug molecules are much larger than chlorine dioxide which stabilises their reactivity so that they aren’t so reactive they react before they get to where they will have a beneficial effect.
      With regards to vitamins, they are also larger than chlorine dioxide (in fact they are similar in size to quite a few drug molecules). The other thing about vitamins is they are natural compounds which have evolved as part of our biochemical pathways. Even those that human beings cannot synthesise themselves, come from other organisms where they are part of the natural chemistry of life, so are typically compatible with, and have roles to play in, the chemistry of the human body.

  • “Yes, the world needs followers. Thinking is being outlawed.”

    The irony in your posting this should not go unmentioned.

  • “MMS2 is hydrochlorous acid, it is meant to live in the gut, right? It revs up your immune system – right there in the gut.”

    It doesn’t ‘live’ anywhere – it’s produced by cells in the immune system as & when they require it, as I pointed out in my previous comment.

  • Alison, thanks for the clarity.
    Seems that, like hormones, my system is probably getting low and lazy in the production area, so I am happy to take my calcium hypochlorite, and I know it works, Jim Humble deserves a Nobel Prize for curing the common cold. But, his name is humble, and he deserves that too.

    Sodium chlorite when added to citric acid produces chlorine dioxide. It’s this chlorine dioxide that cures through oxidation. So, when mms1 hits the stomach acid – it isn’t neutralized, it is activated more. It only “lives” in the body for an hour, but in that time it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi…..

    Jim Humble discovered the use of sodium chlorite by using “stabilized oxygen” on 4 people while in the Amazon. It cured malaria within 4 hours. He already knew about oxidants and had taught classes on them and their use, oxidants are atoms or molecles that take up electrons. (I’m learning here). But, stablized oxygen only worked 70% of the time, and he wanted a full cure so he started experimenting with it to see what it was, how it worked. His book is a fascinating read.

    Anyway, that’s the jest of it, sodium chlorite is happy to meet stomach acid.

    I went to the chlorine dioxide website and read that it cures polio…..my dad had polio since he was 32….I was very sad to read that he could have been cured. http://www.clordisys.com/WhatIsCD.pdf

    How could anyone think I am a follower? It takes guts and courage to listen to your own heart and take the path less traveled.

  • “Sodium chlorite when added to citric acid produces chlorine dioxide…. It only “lives” in the body for an hour, but in that time it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi….”

    So, explain how it selectively kills. Presumably, it only kills the “bad” bacteria and other flora and fauna that inhabit the human intestinal tract – by what mechanism does it acheive this remarkable outcome?

    “How could anyone think I am a follower? It takes guts and courage to listen to your own heart and take the path less traveled.”

    “I went to the chlorine dioxide website and read that it cures polio…..”

    Yet another unsubstantiated claim for efficacy.

    To give them credit, the linked document actually doesn’t state that this product “cures” polio. It states that it has a “spectrum of activity” (whatever that means) that includes “polio type II”. This claim is all the more interesting given that, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative website, Type 2 polio has been eradicated in the wild since around 1999. http://www.polioeradication.org/Polioandprevention/Thevirus.aspx

    “How could anyone think I am a follower? It takes guts and courage to listen to your own heart and take the path less traveled.”

    No, it doesn’t take guts and courage to do this. And even if it did, that doesn’t preclude the person being gutsily and courageously wrong. Examples abound.

  • Dawna –

    Claims like this “Jim Humble discovered the use of sodium chlorite by using “stabilized oxygen” on 4 people while in the Amazon.” should be enough of a red flag to steer clear of the person and their claims without the need to go further.

    I get the impression you take what he says on-faith without checking the claims. What takes effort (and guts, if you put it that way) is checking your own ideas are right. Or checking other people’s ideas that appeal to you. It’s something scientists get to do a lot – it’s one reason we have a strong emphasis on testing things, rather than ‘merely’ what someone has said.

    That said, there are few simple and fairly reliable red flags to ‘medical’ nonsense, one being people claiming one treatment ‘cures’ a wide range of illnesses.

    Each illness is quite different and need different treatments. If someone claims one treatment for a wide range of conditions it’ll be a cure-nothing rather than a cure-all.

    So far you’ve given this as treating: cold, giardia, cysts, malaria, polio, burns, cancer, hepatitis C, ulcers and perhaps more. Definitely marketing-style hype and not for real.

    (Another red flag is claiming huge medical benefits and at the same time no access to money, but enough for one comment!)

  • Polio has made a come back in countries like Pakistan.

    Gout, a friend has gout, she has been limping for a long time. She took mms2 (calcium hypochlorite) for 3 days, 3 capsules a day. She says the pain went away on the first day. She no longer limps. She will continue to take the capsules, one a day for a month or until the redness goes away.

    A marketing hype would be from someone making money, the only people making money are selling the stuff, not Jim Humble. And you can buy it direct from the manufacturer, so no one would make money. A dosage costs less than .002 cents.

    I have no idea what this means “(Another red flag is claiming huge medical benefits and at the same time no access to money, but enough for one comment!)”

    There was a man on 60 Minutes who had a machine that cured blindness, his story was that he couldn’t come up with the money to go through FDA trials, there aren’t enough rich blind people, and so his invention would be scrapped. I think these good ideas and inventions go down the drain because of our system. It’s a shame.

    Of course I could have been gutsy and courageously wrong, and I would be all over the internet saying it’s bullshit, it took me 7 years of following the story of mms before I gave it a try.
    And so now no one can tell me that my snotty nose just dried up in minutes because of some psychobabble, or that my guardia just died off for no reason, or that my 13cm cyst just collapsed all on it’s own.

    I know it does kill unhealthy cells, because I can pour it on my hands and watch as the age spots dry up, crust over and fall off, and not one spec of healthy skin even turns red.

    You cannot explain why it wouldn’t work. We all know that our immune system works to keep us healthy, that is how mms works, it beefs up our immune system as it (hypocholorous acid) is our immune system juice.

    If you downloaded Jim’s book you could make more appropriate comments. http://www.miraclemineral.org (Part I, 2nd edition, can be downloaded as a PDF for free).

    I’ve been diagnosed with a bit of cateroid artery disease, I go in for another check up in a couple weeks….I don’t know how mms would cure it, but I am holding out hope for a clean artery. After this test I will discontinue taking it somewhat regularly because I enjoy getting sick and then curing it pronto, it’s simply amazing.

    Maybe everything in life is an illusion…..including you. (:

  • “it beefs up our immune system as it (hypocholorous acid) is our immune system juice.”

    No, it’s not. It is produced by a class of white blood cells as and when it is needed – inside those cells.

    Also, one can’t have it both ways. Either HOCl ‘beefs up our immune system’ or it destroys all those bad fungi etc directly… And as Ashton has already asked – how on earth would HOCl distinguish between ‘good’ & ‘bad’ bacteria (there are an awful lot of the former living in the human digestive tract)?

  • Dawna – You’ve changed what I’ve said at several points in your reply, which suggests you might want to re-read what I wrote.

    e.g. you write “A marketing hype would be”, but I wrote “Definitely marketing-style hype” (bold added to highlight what you have omitted). What I wrote about was not about making money in itself—although I’m sure that happens—but that the product is all hype rather than substance, in the way some cheap advertising is.

    “Polio has made a come back in countries like Pakistan.”

    That’s true, but it has nothing to do with MMS. (It’s because militants are interfering with the vaccination program. Quite a number of Pakistani vaccine workers have been killed.)

    “Gout, a friend has gout, […]” – adding another disease doesn’t make it more likely to be something meaningful; if anything it makes it less likely. To repeat what I wrote earlier, “If someone claims one treatment for a wide range of conditions it’ll be a cure-nothing rather than a cure-all.” What might help is for you to understand there is no evidence showing MMS ‘works’ and plenty of understanding why it wouldn’t.

    “You cannot explain why it wouldn’t work.” – please don’t put words in my mouth, if you could. I haven’t time to read back, but I believe Michael and others have already pointed out why it won’t do anything taken orally (other than perhaps damage your throat if taken in a stronger dose). You mention putting on your skin: if it ‘burns’ off what you put it on then you know it is corrosive – like bleach. (The inside of your throat is soft tissue and will burn too – not a good idea at all.)

    “it beefs up our immune system as it (hypocholorous acid) is our immune system juice.” – Sorry, but to be brief, no. I see Alison has already explained this – see her reply. I’d add that it’s common for people touting ‘alternative’ remedies to take research work or details out of context and offer it as support for their remedy. It’s playing bluff with their follows, banking on that they aren’t able to see the false cards being offered.

    “If you downloaded Jim’s book you could make more appropriate comments.” Isn’t telling me what I ought to do rude? My earlier comment was appropriate. I can’t help it if you choose not to (or are unwilling to) look at yourself – you have to do that much yourself. As I wrote earlier “What takes effort (and guts, if you put it that way) is checking your own ideas are right. Or checking other people’s ideas that appeal to you.” It’s not easy, but if you don’t stop and take stock your own ideas, you can end up with some pretty silly ones – that’s true for anyone.

    “Maybe everything in life is an illusion…..including you. (:”

    Do you really think falling back to mudslinging rather than addressing the issue helps? Just a thought.

  • I mentioned the girl with gout earlier…. I just gave it to her a few weeks ago and I saw her just a day ago and she wasn’t limping, she had told me earlier the pain was gone….it’s still gone, I am not adding her experience now.

    When I put it on – it only burns the bad skin – the age spots – the rest of my skin that was wet by it doesn’t burn or even turn red.

    Allison, there are two MMS, one is MMS2, it is hypocholorous acid, it beefs up the immune system, the other is MMS1, it is sodium chlorite added to citric acid, it destroys bacteria.

    I know it works, I can only say it works, I have no doubt it works, but I certainly cannot explain the chemistry of why.

  • HOCl – hypochlorous acid – is produced by some lymphocytes at the point where it’s needed, & that typically is inside the cells. Released into tissues, it causes inflammation. This is not ‘beefing up the immune system’.

    Sodium chlorite + citric acid -> chlorous acid + chlorite. It’s used as a surface sanitiser, & breaks down very rapidly (so that it leaves no surface residue). This does not support the contention that it ‘kills bacteria’ in the body with a focus on the pathogens – there is no mechanism that I’m aware of whereby these compounds can achieve this selectivity. Nor have we yet seen an explanation of how it might ‘target’ bacteria while conveniently ignoring host tissues (or, indeed, the host of bacteria normally living in the host).

  • I wish I could show you my before and after photos of my hands Alison, except I didn’t take any photos ~ I didn’t really think it would work! I also put it on a spot on my chest just two days ago and last night it was peeling off, fresh skin underneath, no signs of anything done to the surrounding tissue. For topical use I don’t mix the sodium chlorite with any acids, I mix the chlorite with distilled water as tap water with minerals in it makes it set up like concete.

    Anyway folks, this stuff has validity, you guys know chemistry, look into it…..I’m just here to give you another project.

    I’m not making anything up…..and I’m sure you are quoting real finds in body chemistry….the girl who taught me MMS ccured herself from stage 4 ovarian cancer, she has all the medical records. I never told you that story because it isn’t my story, and there are many other accounts that I haven’t mentioned.
    Gout is self-limiting….is that kinda like “you must have changed your diet”? There are way too many coincidences.

  • wondering what you all think about this quote:

    MMS2 is made from calcium hypochlorite, which is a water purifier used for swimming pools and many other water purification uses – including some public water works. When calcium hypochlorite is dissolved in water, it becomes hypochlorous acid with the formula of HOCl. This formula means that one atom of hydrogen, one atom of oxygen, and one atom of chlorine is held together with electrons, creating a molecule of this acid. Normally this acid, hypochlorous acid, will do most of the things that MMS will do. It is usually used in combination with MMS in bringing health to those with what is normally called incurable diseases. It has consistently been proven that MMS2 aids the action of MMS (MMS1) towards health. The hypochlorous acid molecule is an oxidizer that is a little bit more powerful than oxygen. It can pull 2 electrons away from a substance that is oxidizable. These electrons then come over and destroy the balance of the electrons of the hypochlorous acid which destroys it, releasing all the components which, are of course, HOCl. The H (hydrogen atom) just becomes part of the water of the body, the Cl (chlorine atom) becomes part of the salt in the body, and the O (oxygen atom) then acts as what it is, an oxidizer, and it will then draw two more electrons from the oxidizable substance which could be a pathogen’s side. When this happens in the thousands of times, a hole is created in the side of the pathogen – and the pathogen dies. The electrons that are drawn from the pathogen come back to the oxygen – causing it to become neutralized and then, eventually, breathed out of the body as carbon dioxide.

    “In The Human Body”, PuriCore; Pure Science, Pure Life. http://www.puricore.com/technology_humanbody.aspx

    • Dawna

      The description of how hypochlorous acid and related oxidising works sound fairly reasonable, but this is where you seem to be missing the point both Alison and I have been trying to make.
      Hypochlorous acid/chlorine dioxide/other oxidising agents work by reacting with the molecules in pathogens which stops them working. So when we wipe down a surface with bleach/hypochlorous acid etc it is disinfected because it reacts with the molecules in the microbes as it comes into direct contact with.

      However, because the human body is made up of millions of different molecules, many of which will react with the reactive hypochlorous acid, there is no way it will make it to where ever the disease is (unless perhaps is is in the mouth) because as soon as the solution of hypochlorous acid enters the mouth it will react with molecules that make up our body.

      This is why when the body produces its own hypochlorus acid, it produces it exactly where it is needed. To produce it elsewhere would mean that it would attack other molecules in the body before it got to where it was needed. Certainly, taking it by mouth makes no sense.

      Small reactive molecules are no use for treating disease unless you can get them to where they are needed, e.g. direct use of hypochlorous acid on a cut is effective as an antiseptic. Swallowing it so it will treat heart disease makes no sense.

  • Dawna,

    “There was a man on 60 Minutes who had a machine that cured blindness, his story was that he couldn’t come up with the money to go through FDA trials”

    I can’t seem to find any info on this searching online, do you have any more details?

  • Michael, it was a few years ago that I saw the piece on 60 Minutes, I can’t remember anything else, it could be up to 8 years old, it was after my husband had HIFU.

    You should know that HIFU is also being used on Parkinsons’s, epilepsy, essential tremore, tumors….by the AMA ignoring this technology we have also hurt the people with these ailments. I am encouraged because there is now a foundation which is helping… fusfoundation.org

    Yesterday I had a spinach salad at a restaurant and 6 hours later I had the runs, my stomach felt like it was churning up some more so I took a capsule and all settled down in about 5 minutes.

    My husband sprays the gas captured from mixing the chlorite with the citric acid and put in water ~ on his head, it cures his dandruff completely.

    What you say does make sense, but my real life experiences make me continue to research this…. http://www.cdgenvironmental.com/content/chemistry
    here’s a copy-paste:
    “Chlorine dioxide is a powerful, selective biocide. First discovered in 1811, its anti-microbial properties have been known since about 1900.

    Chlorine dioxide has been used in the United States to disinfect public drinking water for more than 60 years. It also is used for a variety of sterilization, disinfection and decontamination purposes in the food, beverage and medical device industries.

    Chlorine dioxide has attractive human- and ecological-toxicity profiles. Exposure does not pose chronic adverse health effects (e.g., cancer) nor does chlorine dioxide persist in the environment.

    Chlorine dioxide is a relatively small, volatile and highly energetic molecule. Chlorine dioxide is almost never used commercially as a gas at high concentrations because of its instability; rather, it is generated at the point of use.

    Chlorine dioxide gas has an intense greenish yellow color with a distinctive odor similar to that of chlorine. Chlorine dioxide is highly soluble in water but, unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not react with water. It exists in aqueous solution as a dissolved gas.

    Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant owing to unique, one-electron transfer mechanisms, wherein it attacks electron-rich centers in organic molecules and, in the process, is reduced to chlorite ion.

    Because chlorine dioxide oxidizes but does not chlorinate, chlorinated organic by-products (e.g., THM, HAA, dioxins, furans) typically are not produced. Neither does chlorine dioxide produce appreciable amounts of aldehydes, ketones, ketoacids nor other problematic compounds associated with oxidation of organic matter by other, less selective means.

    High-purity chlorine dioxide is less destructive/corrosive than chlorine to most materials, including stainless steel. In the presence of UV light, chlorine dioxide rapidly decomposes to form chlorine, oxygen and a variety of transient intermediate oxychlorine compounds which may be highly corrosive.

    Chlorine dioxide’s unique properties permit it to be more effective than current oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide technologies. Among its outstanding characteristics: (a) it remains a dissolved gas in water, thereby maintaining its biocidal activity under varied operating conditions, (b) it is effective over a wide pH range (4-10), remaining effective even where there are incoming stock pH swings, (c) it reacts selectively with organic compounds and does not form chlorinated organics (chloroform, bromoform, dioxins or trihalomethanes), all of which are coming under increasing regulatory pressure, (d) it reacts almost instantaneously to quickly provide effective biocidal control or remove undesirable contaminants, (e) at recommended use levels it does not create toxic by-products harmful to wildlife or the environment.”—————————————————————————
    I always loved science…
    Chlorine dioxide has the weakest oxidation potential (.95 volts) of all the oxidizers. Oxygen has the next highest oxidation potentials of 1.28 volts. Those oxidation potentials of .95 and 1.28 volts can do very little damage to the human body. This is because these voltages cannot overcome the opposing oxidation potentials in the human cells and tissues. And as you can see, if oxygen does very little or no damage, then the lesser oxidation voltage of chlorine dioxide is not likely to do any damage at all. Chlorine Dioxide is highly selective and does not harm stomach and intestine useful microorganisms: Chlorine dioxide is highly selective for pathogens that cause diseases in the body, and does not kill the various useful flora of the stomach and intestines. This is due to the unique properties of the chlorine dioxide molecule.

  • “Chlorine dioxide has the weakest oxidation potential (.95 volts) of all the oxidizers. Oxygen has the next highest oxidation potentials of 1.28 volts. Those oxidation potentials of .95 and 1.28 volts can do very little damage to the human body. This is because these voltages cannot overcome the opposing oxidation potentials in the human cells and tissues. And as you can see, if oxygen does very little or no damage, then the lesser oxidation voltage of chlorine dioxide is not likely to do any damage at all. ”

    Sorry, but this is unmitigated drivel.

    Try exposing yourself to raw oxygen and see how far the “opposing oxidation potentials” of your cells cope. HINT: it may be a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy.

  • As I expected the MSDS of chlorine dioxide is suitably nasty. I certainly won’t be drinking dilute solutions, or pouring them on my body anytime soon.


    Chlorine Dioxide Solution, 100-500 ppm
    Sabre Oxidation Technologies, Inc.

    Printed: 01/30/96 MSDS # A247
    CAS #
    Chlorine Dioxide 10049-04-4 500-5000 ppm
    Pale to yellow liquid with odor similar to
    chlorine. Oxidizer. Reacts violently with
    oxidizable organic dusts. Keep away from sources of ignition. C
    ontain all spills. See
    Section 3,5,6.
    Contact causes redness and irritation.
    Contact may cause irritation to skin.
    Harmful if swallowed.
    Harmful if inhaled. May be poisonous
    if inhaled. May cause pulmonary
    edema. Chlorine dioxide gas may cause deat
    h or permanent injury after very short
    exposure to small quantities (19 ppm).
    This product does NOT contain
    compounds known to be carcinogens, i.e., cau
    se cancer, according to NTP, IARC, or
    OSHA. Repeated exposures may cause bronchitis to develop with cough, phlegm, and/or
    shortness of breath. Permanent lung damage can
    occur with chronic
    exposure to chloirne
    dioxide gas. Respiratory c
    onditions caused by cigarette smoking may worsen with
    excessive exposure to chlorine dioxide gas.

  • Well, 500-5000 ppm is a whole lot different than what I’ve been drinking!

    There are 54mg of sodium chlorite in a 6 drops dose (high, typical dose is 3 drops) of MMS and about 10 mg of salt – which is not enough to count during any one day. About 1 to 2 milligrams of chlorine dioxide is generated when 12 drops 50% citric acid is added to 12 drops of 22.4% (recommended) mms. Then this is diluted with a glass of juice to drink – there is now less than 1 ppm chlorine dioxide in the solution.

    • As a 1 ppm solution of chlorine dioxide would not be a very effective disinfectant externally, I find it hard to believe that it would have any effective internally.

  • There are three levels of scientific studies of chlorine dioxide. The highest possible requires one to obtain a permit of medication. In that testing by the US Government, the ingestion of as much as 24 mg of chlorine dioxide was considered absolutely safe. (Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man by Judith R. Lubbers,* Sudha Chauan,* and Joseph R. Bianchine*)

    That would equal some 30 drops or more. He says never injest more than 18 at a time…for AIDS & malaria.

  • What a find! I found a pharmaceutical company which sells products that come in two containers, one with the chlorine diooxide, the other with an acid, when mixed together at time of use it creates chlorine dioxide gas. They sell shampoos (dandruff), mouthwash (you can gargle and it kills a cold or virus it also cleans plaque from teeth & toughens gums), acne face wash, toothpaste, ear infection treatment, skin lotion (exfolliant and cleaner), etc. The company is in N.Y. and the UK. So, Jim Humble wasn’t the first to discover chlorine dioxide’s properties afterall.


    “Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a gas with strong oxidising properties. An “oxidising agent” removes electrons from reactive molecules. By this process, ClO2 quickly neutralises and eliminates odours, acts as a bleach, and also breaks the cell wall of microorganisms. ClO2’s action is rapid on most microorganisms and is unique in its ability to kill bacteria, virus, fungus and spores. It was first discovered in 1811 by Humphrey Davy.

    Numerous studies have shown chlorine dioxide, when used at the appropriate concentrations, has no adverse health effects, either by skin contact or ingestion.

    Is Chlorine Dioxide safe?
    The Niagara Falls New York water treatment plant first used Chlorine Dioxide for drinking water disinfection in 1944. Currently, there are approximately 400 – 500 water treatment plants in the United States and over 1000 in Europe utilizing ClO2 to purify municipal drinking water systems. Numerous studies have shown chlorine dioxide, when used at the appropriate concentrations, has no adverse health effects, either by skin contact or ingestion.

    4. What’s the difference between chlorine and chlorine dioxide?

    While chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has chlorine in its name, chlorine dioxide’s chemistry is different from that of chlorine. Unlike the more common chlorine, chlorine dioxide, at appropriate concentrations, is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, and relatively non-irritating. When ClO2 is added to water, it dissolves without ionising. Or more specifically, when exposed to water, ClO2 does not release a chlorine atom to form hydrochloric acid as does chlorine, nor does it combine with organics to form chlorinated hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic.

    One atom can make all the difference — just as hydrogen is an explosive gas, but when combined with oxygen becomes dihydrogen oxide – commonly known as water (H2O).

    Microorganisms evaluated include bacteria, viruses, yeast, amoeba, cysts ( !!!!!! ) and fungal spores. In addition to speed and broad-spectrum activity, chlorine dioxide is anti-inflammatory by way of oxidizing free radicals and cytokines, irritants the body releases in response to a wound or infection. Deactivation of these molecules reduces scarring, pain and irritation.”

    It seems that healthy cells are not affected because they are strong, whereas unhealthy organisms are weak.

    • Dawna,

      All of the examples you give in the previous example describe external use of chlorine dioxide at reasonable doses. No one is arguing that it does not work as a disinfectant when used as such. It is the suggestion that it can be used internally that is problematic, as has been previously explained.

      “It seems that healthy cells are not affected because they are strong, whereas unhealthy organisms are weak.”

      This makes no sense, many organisms which are harmful to the body are not at all weak, particularly once they are inside the body and out of reach of topical treatments.

  • c&p bombing doesn’t make your case any stronger Dawna.

    “It seems that healthy cells are not affected because they are strong, whereas unhealthy organisms are weak.”

    More trash. You really should think before typing this stuff. Explain to me:
    – why you differentiate between “cells” and “organisms”?
    – how any organism of itself can be defined as “unhealthy”?

  • Hey, you guys have me confused….I am not the scientist, I cannot explain anything, I am just the person who has hard cold facts that it works internally, and ……” Numerous studies have shown chlorine dioxide, when used at the appropriate concentrations, has no adverse health effects, either by skin contact or ingestion”

    I’m 65 and I went hiking for 8 hours at 9,000 feet (2,700 meters) yesterday,.I haven’t done this in a few years…..I feel healthier than ever….

  • ” I am just the person who has hard cold facts that it works internally”
    No, you have personal anecdote.

  • ….not personal anecdote, anecdotes, quite a few anecdotes, don’t you think?.

    I just know it works, I’ve been told it works by giving the immune system a boost, and maybe that all happens in the gut….I can feel something running in my blood stream, but maybe that isn’t mms, maybe it is a boosted immune system.

    It sure works on teeth, I brushed my teeth with it for 10 days prior to having my teeth cleaned and all the plaque was gone (I get a lot of plaque, especially behind my front teeth), I looked before I started brushing and I had a lot.

    It doesn’t work on everything, my husband has an auto immune disease and it hasn’t done anything for that.

    I found another person with gout and he is more than happy to try mms. So, if it works on him as well, I will let you know. I heard from the first person with it and she is sold on mms, nothing quite like personal experience.

  • Just wondering….if someone showed up who said they took mms and it caused cancer, would that be anecdotal, or fact?

    I belong to the skeptics society, but I keep my eyes wide open and my mind follows.

    I believe the reason the mms hasn’t done anything for hubbys auto immune disease is because he has had it for 8 years, it’s too firmly entrenched and it is everywhere, it’s his hair, it ALL falls out. I think mms works best when you take it at the beginning of a sickness…..or in the case of my cyst, it was an isolated thing, in my liver. Did I tell you guys….my liver blood blood tests were healthy.

    Anyone know the cure for alopecia universalitis? The interesting thing on him is that as he gets older his white hair will not fall out, I think the root is too large and strong, he still grows his blond hair but it falls out in 3 month cycles. At least he didn’t get this as a kid….how devastating.

  • anecdotal, obviously.

    Membership of a group that promotes thoughtful skepticism doesn’t make anyone immune from the effects you are displaying. You actually have apply the skills dispassionately, not just pay the joining fee and wait for enlightenment.

    As per your husband’s condition, the alternative (more plausible) view is, mms is not treating it because mms is not a treatment that is effective for the condition regardless of what stage it is at.

  • “I can feel something running in my blood stream, but maybe that isn’t mms, maybe it is a boosted immune system.”

    And maybe it’s imagination.

  • I just realized that I never mentioned that my husband also had a cyst, on the back of his neck, it was huge, he was afraid he would soon look like the elephant man. It’s shrunk so small that it is hardly noticeable.

    Why not try to figure out how it is getting through the gut instead of discrediting me?

  • And….another friend’s husband has gout, he took two capsules when his toe hurt and reported that the mms2 worked better than the drugs the doctor gives him.

  • “I just realized that I never mentioned that my husband also had a cyst, on the back of his neck, it was huge, he was afraid he would soon look like the elephant man. It’s shrunk so small that it is hardly noticeable. ”

    Your husband sounds like a walking case study. The poor man has so many conditions I’m surprised he’s still around, horrifically deformed or not.

    This cyst – diagnosed and confirmed? If so, by whom and using what techniques? What treatment was given, if any? Was it completed?

    Huge as in big as a penny? A grape? A grapefruit? Melon?

    Small as a penny? A hearing aid battery? A full-stop (period)?

    Elephant – African or Indian?

    Why figure out if “it” (presumably MMS, not the cycst) is getting through the gut? Since all existing science kinda mitigates against that being an active pathway?

    The burden of proof lies with the extraordinary claim. Thats you. Many here have already pointed out the science that makes the claim implausible (but not impossible – who knows – there MAY be something in it).

  • I didn’t mention before, but my husband has a cyst on his neck that was huge, and now after taking the capsules for a year it is hardly noticeable.

  • The other person with gout took two capsules one day when his toe hurt him, he reported that the pain was quite a bit better, he had better relief from the mms than from the drugs the doctor prescribed.

  • Apparently I didn’t see a way to change pages, so I was unable to read anything on this page when I posted the last two remarks. sorry for the repeat, I thought I had been erased.

    And now, I think erasing a good idea….bye bye

  • Interesting how you spend your time tearing positive comments and experiences into small pieces on MMS despite people’s TRUE success story with MMS. This leads me to believe that you will do anything to make yourself right and make the other person’s experience wrong. My research shows (and yes, you will ask me ‘What research’) that MMS is successful in treatment and that most if not all people’s negativity about it is due to fearmongering and brainwashing and lack of personal research and experience. By the way, are you one of those Spin Doctors paid to rubbish effective treatments. The internet is full of them these days and they all sing the same tune as yourself….