Media Hyperbole

By Michael Edmonds 24/01/2013

On my way to work this morning I heard a rather unusual report on the radio news.

The first statement was along the lines of “New Zealanders blame overseas drivers for accidents on our roads”

This was then followed by a statement “justifying” this claim by saying

“in a survey a high percentage (sorry can’t remember the number) of New Zealanders believe overseas drivers are unprepared for our driving conditions”

My question is, does the second statement justify the conclusion made in the first?

*Note – the above is my paraphraisng of what I heard as I don’t have a photogrpahic memory, however I am sure I got the key point correct.



0 Responses to “Media Hyperbole”

  • Er, no, it doesn’t. But hyperbole gets attention & helps sell advertising time. (Sorry, woke up on the cynical side of the bed this morning.)

  • I agree with Alison. I stopped reading because they kept having sensationalist, gasp-attracting headlines and then when you went to read it, nothing interesting or devastating or tragic had actually happened. Also because they had an ‘article’ on Hottest Olympians. That was the end for me. So I switched to… unfortunately it is no better.

    Recommendations for fair and realistic news sites…?

  • um, also – most people in NZ are not ‘overseas drivers’. and yet the driving is some of the most egregiously bad i’ve seen in a western country. sorry, Kiwis – you can’t blame the foreigners for this one…