Coursera & Climate Change

By Michael Edmonds 29/03/2013

Coursera, one of the two major* MOOC (massive open online course) providers, is now offering several courses related to climate change (see here and here).

Coursera is an interesting idea. It makes courses from many leading universities available to anyone who can access a computer. It  will be interesting to see how this new form of education develops. Will it eventually be possible to fairly and accurately assess the learning achieved by those taking the courses? What about the practical skills associated with many areas of expertise? Who will it appeal to? (for example, personally, I take in information far more effectively by reading a book, as opposed to listening to someone talk).

There are other interesting questions which have arisen about MOOCs, for example, how Coursera courses are selected? So far only elite institutions have been invited to contribute courses (see a recent article here). How does this effect the content that is delivered?

*the other major MOOC being EdX

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  • 3Million students have at least tried.

    I did a course on Science Writing through coursera from Stanford & am currently doing one on Physiology from Duke. Both worthwhile. I ignore the exams & concentrate on the parts that are of mostinterest. There are online forum associated which can help get a bit of interactivity. My 13 yr old just did a v good Critical Thinking course. One good thing about this is that there are no restrictions on who can access courses.

    • I’ve started a course but not completed it, and am currently signed up for another. I think the coursera courses certainly have value for those used to study, and interested in learning new things, but whether they will develop into something with wider use remains to be seen.