Ancient Aliens Debunked

By Michael Edmonds 06/04/2013 4

Ancient Aliens is a television programme that plays on the “History” channel, which proposes that aliens have been intervening in human development throughout history. Over 51 episodes theories have been presented suggesting that:

  • the pyramids were built by aliens as power plants which used MASERS (the microwave equivalent of a laser) to beam energy around the world
  • aliens exterminated the dinosaurs to make way for humans
  • humans co-existed with dinosaurs
  • humans have interbred with aliens
  • ancient writings and carvings depict and describe aliens and technologies such as electrical devices and jet air craft.

Of course all of these suggestions are delivered on the basis on scant and cherry picked “evidence” and, according to the video below, outright lies. Ancient Aliens Debunked works through the “evidence” presented in this programme and challenges it with reputable archaeological and ancient writings research.

It seems to me that those involved in Ancient Aliens have some sort of species inferiority complex. Rather than believe that human beings have evolved to be innovative, creative and adaptive enough to survive and develop complex civilizations they would rather point to some of our achievements and go “aliens did it!”

This seems rather sad.



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