Ghost in the Museum

By Michael Edmonds 26/06/2013

A statue appears to be moving by itself in the Manchester museum

I think Anna must be from the marketing section of the museum.

“So what’s to say that the spirit of this individual … hasn’t reentered the statue and that’s what causing it to move?”

Ummm, common sense and over 200 years of scientific progress?

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  • Oh dear…….

    Lets try some rational guesses:
    1. Vibrations rattling the cage
    2. Check out the base to see if it is flat. It could be curved and making it more prone to the vibration
    3.How long has it been on that shelf.
    4. Any other guess other than spirits entering it’s stony brain!

    She is not from marketing Michael. She said it herself! She is from communications!!!

    • Weil, so long as she isn’t from the science section, assuming the museum has one.