Cosmic Genome

By Michael Edmonds 13/10/2013

I came across The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome yesterday, an iTunes app which contains interviews with over 50 scientists, performers and communicators all talking about why they are interested in science. It also contains a series of talks on various fascinating subjects including dark matter, the nature of vocalisation, discovering epigenetics.

Some of those interviewed are well known names – Ben Goldacre, Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, for example. But everyone has something interesting to say. My favourite quote so far is from Dr Lucie Green, a solar scientist who said

“I think actually being a scientist is about someone who doesn’t stop playing, who doesn’t stop wanting to look around them, touch the objects, interact with them and find out what will happen if I do this”

The only two gripes I have about the app is

1) Its’ cost – around $12

2) Amongst the 50+ speakers I could only find TWO chemists, whereas there were quite a few physicists, biologists, medical professionals etc. Are chemists still hiding in their labs?