Prestigious Award goes to Auckland Chemistry Professor

By Michael Edmonds 05/11/2013

For a small country New Zealand has some impressive, internationally recognised research going on. One example is the work being done by Professor Bill Denny and his colleagues at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC). Since 1956 this centre has published close to 1000 papers in international  journals and has over 100 patents for new anti-cancer drugs.

Leading the medicinal chemistry side of this research Professor Denny has played a major role in the many successes of this research centre.

As recognition for this work, Professor Denny has just been awarded the American Chemical Society’s Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award for his outstanding contributions to the field. This prestigious award is awarded biennially, and previous awardees include at least one Nobel laureate. It is highly unusual for this award to go to a researcher’s working outside of the USA, which speaks volumes about Professor Denny’s international reputation as a medicinal chemist.

The following clip outlines some the impressive work that the ACSRC has been involved in.

Congratulations to Professor Denny for this well deserved award.