Fox News and GMO's

By Michael Edmonds 31/12/2013

I saw this clip on TV this morning (I didn’t realise what we see from Fox on Sky is a month old) and was “impressed” with the degree of muddled science and scaremongering they managed to put into such a short clip.


inaccurate science (confusing viruses, bacteria with genes) – check

oversimplification of the science (“food made in a petri dish”) – check

overhyping/misrepresenting animal studies – check

conspiracy theories (“aren’t these people eating these foods?”) – check

typical poor reporting from Fox – check, check, check.

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  • thanks Michael. Yes, it is distressing and we have do a big job ahead of us still to communicate science.

    I recently distributed an article from Conversation on eating DNA. It can be found here.

    I was amazed at some of the responses…including one from a school teacher. Several saw this as another conspiracy to hide the truth. “Why haven’t we been told there is DNA in our food?” Others saw this as “evidence” of foreign DNA getting into the human body…well, yes it does and has done so for a long time.

    A lot of fear to be overcome, and trust to be built.

    best wishes for 2014


  • Shaun,
    thanks for the link, some of the responses were indeed quite amazing.