Kiwibots – New Zealand Nationals

By Michael Edmonds 04/03/2014

Over the weekend I attended the Kiwibot Nationals – where high school students from around New Zealand compete against each other to score points using robots they have constructed themselves. It was fantastic fun to attend – what better way for students to get engaged in science/engineering/computer programming.

The video below shows the final rounds between two blue team robots and two red team robots. The full rules of the game are hard to explain in a single blog post, however, a few key points are:

  • the first part of the game is in autonomous mode – where the robot moves in a pre-programmed fashion. This is then followed by 1 minute and 45 seconds of driver controlled competition.
  • points are scored by getting coloured balls in different parts of the field, by getting the smalleer hex balls into the cylinders on the right hand side of the arena, and high points are gained by hanging a robot off of the coloured beams on the left side of the arena.

In addition to the actual competition, separate prizes were also awarded to teams with the most creative, most robust, best programming and other prizes.