Sci Fi Friday – Spaceships Quiz

By Michael Edmonds 07/03/2014

I love science fiction. It takes us into new worlds and can present interesting scientific and ethical dilemmas.

And sometimes todays science fiction can become tomorrows scientific fact (e.g. Star Trek communicators)

And the spaceships are so cool. While some don’t appear to obey the laws of physics they are awe inspiring as they speed across galaxies, through wormholes and stargates. So I thought I would create a little quiz about star ships.

Which TV programme/video game do the following spaceships belong to?

 1) The Enterprise D

2) The Liberator

3) The Whitestar

4) The Normandy

5) The Palamino

6) Ranger 3

7) Destiny

8) Jupiter 2

9) Moya

10) USS Saratoga

And just to finish, space craft that do obey the laws of physics

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