There Must be Board Games in Heaven

By Michael Edmonds 14/04/2014

Advocates of the paranormal often complain that skeptics are close minded, so in the spirit of open mindedness I wondered what might be another explanation (other than chicanery or delusion) as to why mediums and psychics appear to communicate with the dearly departed through vague statements, and asking if anyone knows someone with the initials “J” or “M”.

The only explanation I could come up with is that there must be board games in heaven. Hence when communications come through from “our side” they are responded like a board game. Injuries are communicated through charades, for example, with the holding of abdomen or head. This, of course, makes diagnosis fairly vague, as there are quite a few things that can go wrong in the abdomen or head, but this may be enough to satisfy their grieving kin.

The identity of the dearly departed appears to be communicated through some sort of word game, perhaps using scrabble tiles? This of course could explain why mediums can’t always get things right, perhaps in their hurry to communicate the deceased accidentally holds the letters upside down leaving the poor medium looking for a Mary or Margaret instead of a Wendy?

Of course if the hereafter is filled with board games, for some it might be more like hell than heaven…