Futurescape – promoting or overselling science?

By Michael Edmonds 27/04/2014

Futurescape with James Woods is a programme I recently discovered on the Discovery channel. It extrapolates where science and technology might lead us and our society in the future. It often paints the picture of an amazing and thought provoking new world where we will live for centuries, don powerful exoskeletons and design our children. However, as I watched different episodes I felt that it is overselling the science and technology, and made me think of the criticism that came out of overly optimistic scientific claims of the 60’s

“but where is my flying car?”


I can’t help but wonder whether such programmes are good for promoting science and technology, or whether the oversell may create unreasonable expectations of what science and technology can do?





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  • No shades of grey with the Discovery Channel. I haven’t watched the whole episodes, just the clips in your post Michael, but they seem more entertainment rather than opening up an informed and interesting discussion about the direction and potential of science. Lots of big assumptions about “if we can do this now, then we’ll be able to do this soon …”, let alone discussion about if we can, should we.